Best Swimming Pool Vacuum Head Brush 2022

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Do you want to clean your pool vacuum but you don’t have a lot of time? You should get the best pool vacuum brush. It will make it easier for you to clean up all the dirt in your pool, and it’s really affordable.

Do you have a pool and need to clean it? If so, you should definitely consider investing in a pool vacuum head with brush. This type of manual triangular vacuum head is specially designed to clean the bottom and sides of your swimming pool easily and quickly.

Plus, it comes with a brush that helps remove any built-up dirt or algae. So if you’re looking for an easy way to keep your pool clean, a vinyl vacuum head brush is definitely the way to go.

Everyone loves the idea of never having to worry about leaf or algae in their pool. Pools are difficult tasks, though- they can become dirty very quickly and it’s important not get overwhelmed with cleaning them out so you don’t have too.

People might be put off with cleaning them due to the hard work required, but if you get a top-rated pool vacuum head then it makes your job of keeping up on maintenance that much easier.

Top Pool Vacuum Heads Brush List

Image Product Brand Price
Milliard Deluxe Pool Vacuum Head Deluxe Vacuum Head Brush Milliard Check Price
Sepetrel Vacuum Head with Side Brush Vacuum Head with Side Brush Sepetrel Check Price
Vacuum Head Triangular Vacuum Head/Triangular Milliard Check Price
AgiiMan Pool Vacuum Head Pool Vacuum Head with Brush AgiiMan Check Price
Swimline Half Moon Pool Vacuum Head Half Moon Head Swimline Check Price
FibroPool Flexible Head Flexible Head Brush FibroPool Check Price
U.S. Pool Supply Cleans Floor Debris Cleans Floor Debris U.S. Pool Supply Check Price
Milliard Spa Vacuum Head Spa Vacuum Head Milliard Check Price
urchindj Pool Vacuum Head Rotatable Vacuum Head Rotatable urchindj Check Price
Aqua Select Head with Side Brushes Head with Side Brushes Aqua Select Check Price

We’ve looked through reviews from people who have tried all different types of swimming pool vacuums in order to help make this list and come up with some suggestions for which one will best suit what type or size they’re working at home.

A swimming pool vacuum head is an essential tool in maintaining the cleanliness of your pool filters.

 But, not all are made equal so you have to be sure that what brand and design suits you best. Here’s our buying guide with information about how different features change based on your needs:

A cleaning system can span from basic vacuuming up dirt clumps around poolsides or along walls near water sources as well as removing leaves leftover Fall Festival season.

All way down through total automation where they do everything themselves without human help at any step – including emptying their own chemical storage vessels when necessary by remote control using just.

1- Milliard Pool Vacuum Head Brush

Milliard Pool Vacuum Head Brush
Model NameSwimline Half-Moon
  • With the Milliard Pool Vacuum Head, you can quickly clean up all of your pool.
  • I will stay weighted down so I only have to do one thing: move it around under water and watch as small particles are magically sucked into the fine mesh bag.
  • That’s not even where the magic ends. The Milliard Deluxe vacuum head also has three of those specialty corner brushes that allow you long,
  • Long reach for all those hard-to-reach corners that drive us crazy, but never seem to get a good scrubbing with a regular brush or scooping net.
  • Once I know about this little gem there really is only one question to ask myself:
  • Why didn’t I buy this years ago? Ready to clean that pool? The Milliard Pool Vacuum Head is the first vacuum head on the market for pools.
  • Step out your backdoor and you are right there at your pool. With its universal fit, this innovative product is compatible with all standard 1.25”/1.5″ hoses as well as most standard extension poles making it easy to get started cleaning pools anywhere in minutes.
  • It also comes with 12 sets of Polypropylene bristles that provide a firmer clean than Nylon brushes, ideal for water filtration systems which don’t actually filter large particulates like dirt or sand 
  • Thus creating clearer waters with less use of chemicals because debris won’t come back after it’s rinsed off.


  • Universal Fit 
  • Specialty Corner Brushes
  • Easy Cleaning


  • Effective For Corner

2- Sepetrel Pool Vacuum Head With Brush

Sepetrel Pool Vacuum Head Brush
Model NameVacuum Head with Side Brush
  • A durable hose attachment won’t kink or twist, while still being lightweight enough to scoot around easily inside the pool ever I used. 
  • Corner brushes make it easy to clean your corners and tight spaces with no scratching, meanwhile, our weighted body provides contact with the bottom for better cleaning.
  • Drainage holes in weight blocks help you dry them off after use (no rusting), which means you can get back to enjoying your perfect pool sooner.
  • Want sparkling clean pool water that will glisten in the early morning light?
  • I can chase away pool maintenance with this easy-to-use vacuum head.
  • First, brush dirt and debris off of surfaces with the bottom broom bristles, then use the roller to wrap up loose stuff like hair and fuzzies. Ready for some serious scrubbing action?
  • Switch on the vacuum head at the top to suck up anything left around your edges. So don’t worry about ladders or hoses–worry about dancing in clear, sparkly pool water.


  • Weighted Body
  • Rotatable Hose Adapter
  • Corner Brushes


  • Does great with algae

3- Milliard See-Thru Manual Pool Vacuum Head

Milliard See-Thru Pool Vacuum Head Triangular
Model NamePool Vacuum Head Triangular
  • The perfect way to clean the weighted triangle pool with all the features of a professional vacuum.
  • The see-through design makes it easy for you as well as your guests to enjoy your sparkling, spotless pool. 
  • No matter how many days go by since the last cleaning, dirt and debris will be gone in no time. Let’s do a little troubleshooting. 
  • Name three you struggles of owning a pool of your own. 
  • Yep, we have answers to all your problems here at Milliard – and more.
  • You can enjoy a pool party knowing that the milliard pool and spa See-Thru Pool Vacuum Head will help get the dirt from under any furniture or from around any corner.
  • There’s no need to bring every guest in with high tech goggles if they want to see their favorite movie star on TV at your place.
  • Gone with one quick drag of this vacuum head along the bottom of the pools until there’s nothing left but happy kids and perfect wet sandbars again. Keep it clean with Milliard .


  • Durable, Long Lasting
  • Nylon bristles at the bottom
  • Triangular plastic body


  • Difficult To Move

4- AgiiMan Swimming Pool Vacuum Head

AgiiMan Pool Vacuum Head with Brush
Model NameVacuum Head Brush
  • Help keep your pool sparkling with the AgiiMan Pool Vacuum Head. 
  • From the sleek and streamlined design to its superior suction power, this vacuum head is designed to effortlessly clean all of those hard-to-reach corners without stressing me out or damaging delicate surfaces.
  • Gone are the days of strained backs from manually pulling a heavy hose around in awkward positions.
  • Unlike other vacuum heads on market, ours is weighted so it sinks right to the bottom of my pool and stays there.
  • The triangular shape makes it easy to maneuver along corners and walls for a complete clean.
  • Constructed from ABS plastic that is mold resistant, durable, and reusable year after year making this purchase a bargain in comparison to most others.


  • Bristles Design
  • Premier Construction
  • Efficient Cleaning


  • No rollers just brushes

5- Swimline Vinyl Pool Vacuum Head

HydroTools by Swimline Weighted Half Moon Pool Vacuum Head
Model NameSwimline Weighted Half-Moon
  • Simply point the Pool Vacuum Head in the direction of your pool’s floor, or close to where you want sand and leaves swept.
  • Squeeze the handle to activate a powerful vacuum that sucks debris into a bag for easy disposal.
  • Constructed with a weighted design perfect for scraping any stubborn dirt from floors, ridges and corners more efficiently than any other vac head on the market.
  • It tried of blowing sand into piles while sweeping my pool.
  • The new Swimline Pool Vacuum Head has been designed to provide cover protection against sand inhalation while cleaning along irritating poolsides.
  • A true time-saving machine, built sturdy enough to tackle all types of pool surfaces from concrete slabs to inground vinyl lined pools without too much fuss fuss.
  • Clean up time is a breeze with this pool vacuum head.
  • It has a sturdy design to withstand any bumps or scratches, and it’s the perfect shape for scooping debris from difficult areas. 
  • Available in a range of colors.
Swimline Vinyl Pool Vacuum Head


  • Durable and long lasting
  • Classic half moon shape
  • Weighted design


  • Use With Pole

6- FibroPool Best Pool Vacuum Head

FibroPool Professional Flexible Swimming Pool Vacuum Head
Model NameFiberopool Head
  • Rinse and repeat. 
  • It is the perfect solution for any person that is always looking for a new way to keep their pool or spa spotless, sparkling with an unmatched beauty.
  • The robotic pool cleaner FibroPool Vacuum Head has flexible arms with vacuum heads on both ends, giving it twice the gripping power so you can unsee all those pesky hairs.
  • This innovative design lets you sweep out every area of your pool in one go- even when it’s fully covered in lint and settles from construction and plant life.
  • With these two innovations, this little vacuum head will always be there to glorify you in fresh water clarity. Summer is right around the corner, and it’s time to get ready for all of those sunny poolside days.
  • And let’s be honest, I can’t wait until all my friends have a little sun damage before spraying them with water just because they’re having fun in the sun.
  • Meet my single most effective way to clean my pool. 
  • This FibroPool vacuum head will safely remove dirt and debris from every nook and cranny of my pool, giving me a uniquely pristine surface that shines brighter than ever before.


  • Long lasting urethane wheels
  • Chrome-plated metal
  • 6 integrated weights


  • Not for Salt Water

7- U.S. Pool Supply Butterfly Inground Pool Vacuum Head

U.S. Pool Supply Butterfly Pool Vacuum Head
BrandU.S. Pool Supply
Model NameButterfly
  • U.S. pool supply flexible Vacuum Head Sucks the water right off your pool for easy work.
  • The vacuum head is simple to use and attaches to one-and-one-quarter inch, or one-and-one half inch tubing with an EZ clip handle to easily hang over the edge of my spa or pool deck railing.
  • Get the dust out of your pool this summer with U.S. Pool Supply’s Vacuum Head.
  • Made to fit vinyl-lined pools, it does not interfere with the bottom liner and is weighted for better suction on the floor.
  • Cleanup has never been easier For easy, fast and thorough vacuum cleaning of pools, spas and hot tubs
  • Lightweight for easier handling with convenient grip handle 
  • Made of UV resistant black foam that will not prevent water from draining or evaporating 
  • Durable PVC teeth that last longer than traditional metal ones
  • Fits on most standard pole attachments.


  • Ideal for vinyl lined pools
  • Swivel head connection
  • EZ clip handle for attaching poles


  • Takes longer to vacuum

8- Milliard Spa Pool Vacuum Brush Head 

Milliard Pool and Spa Vacuum Head
Model NameSpa Vacuum Head
  • If you dread the idea of scrubbing hard surfaces with your hands, then Milliard would like to introduce their new vacuum head.
  • This heavy-duty tool quickly suck up dirt and grime from even the deepest parts in my pool.
  • It has bristles made out of polypropylene so it doesn’t scratch or harm sensitive surfaces plus prevents little critters drifting through the water.
  • Keep your family enjoying all parts of your pool again. Give your pool the vacuum head it deserves with the Milliard Vacuum Head.
  • The ABS plastic construction makes this piece lighter than most vacuums,
  • yet extra durable and able to handle harsh chemicals without any issue.
  • The universal fit design works with standard hoses of 1’25” or 1 ½”, giving you plenty of ability to utilize any hose you happen to prefer including extension poles.


  • Soft Brushes
  • Universal Fit
  • Real Service


  • Doesn’t work for 1-1/2” hose.

9- Urchindj Pool Brush Vacuum Head

urchindj Pool Vacuum Head Triangular Shape
Model NameHead Triangular
  • UrchinDJ Pool Vacuum Head: best for those who don’t want to spend time and energy cleaning their pool.
  • Get your kids out of the pool, grab your vacuum head from the store, and find a good spot on the ground to clean. Urchindj is the only way to clean your pool in a jiffy with this sleek and easy to use product.
  • You don’t have be an expert using it, but the vacuum head might need some help from you when it comes to getting out of knots.
  • urchindj will get all that gunk off within minutes so I can go straight on vacation instead of dealing with my old manual system.
  • The Urchindj Pool Vacuum Head is a bottom brush and wheel combination to make my pool cleaning experience much easier.
  • The weighted body keeps the vacuum in close contact with the bottom of my pool for thorough scrubs that will leave a sparkling clean feeling in everyone’s hearts.


  • Bottom Brush and Wheels
  • Safe to Use
  • Fuctional Design


  • For measured hose

10- Aqua Select Pool Vacuum Head With Brush

Aqua Select Weighted Pool Vacuum Head with Side Brushes
BrandAqua Select
Model NameVacuum Head
  • End your pool season with a sparkling shine and clear water.
  • Remove all the debris and bugs from your swimming pool this year and get it ready for next summer.
  • With an Aqua Select Pool Vacuum Head, you’ll have plenty of power to remove any particles or unwanted items in an efficient manner.
  • It has enough weight to stay on the floor of the pool, meaning there is no need for hands-on strength while vacuuming corners, which also makes it easier when moving around in different quadrants of the pool.
  • Weighing only 2 pounds, this lightweight aquatix pro pool vacuum head won’t be too much extra work on anyone’s arms at all.
  • The rectangular shape will allow me to see where i’m going without needing to bend over backwards to. 
  • For a home without a pool, or for those who want to maintain the beauty of their pools, this vacuum head is designed to take on all my dirty work. 
  • With soft bristles that won’t leave scratches behind and heads designed specifically for every type of liner,
  • You’ll retrace as little as possible as you make your way around even curved corners with ease. Never assume what makes sense from one job site to the next again.


  • Long Bristles
  • Design Allows For Funneling Dirt
  • Pool Brush Feature


  • Must Attach with Pole and hose

Buying Guide

The best way to find a quality pool vacuum head is by knowing what you are looking for. Otherwise, it could be too late when there are only so few weeks left before summer.

You need this guide in order not spend your money on something that will break or just don’t work well with all of those chemicals floating around in the water at one point or another during use.

The following list includes some important things every buyer needs:


Vacuum heads come in all different sizes and shapes, but most of them can’t be too large. 

Too much drag will slow down the vacuum head when it is underwater so you don’t get clean pool sides as quickly.

A good size for vacuuming your swimming area with a standard length pole (11-1 inch) should allow enough space between walls without having such wide designation on either side which would make cleaning more difficult because they need not go over every square inch like some longer ones might do.


Wheels are great on pool vacuum heads, but they can make cleaning more difficult because of the shape required.

The best types of wheels have a rectangle design making it easier to reach into corners and sports areas with limited space since you won’t sink as much when walking through those spots.

Heads without wheels will only slightly hinder movement due mainly from having buoyancy lift them up instead

Wheels provide an advantage: allowing us better access for deep-cleaning in places where other tools might need extra support or risk getting stuck; however this comes at cost by slowing down our walks across surfaces we could otherwise cover easily.


The best shape for pool vacuum heads is the triangle, according to research. This design has more pointed ends which can reach into corners where dirt may be harder than other areas and it also cleans wide without having trouble moving around; 

circular or butterfly designs don’t have these same benefits but are easier on your back if you need one shaped like that.


Strong plastic is the most common handle material, but it can crack and needs to be replaced. Stainless steel is stronger than this type of plastic with its limitations that make them less likely breakage; however stainless steels too come off easily in some situations making knobs difficult if not impossible on occasion without professional help. 

The final option would a mix between both-a durable yet flexible metal like aluminum or copper so as long they stay cleansed from rusting these also won’t have any issues during use at all times while being easy enough for anyone who knows what their doing.


Best OverAll


Great Value





How Often Should I Vacuum My Pool?

It’s important to vacuum your pool every week. Skimming will help you clear any debris in the water and keep it clean for people who might use it later on. You want to do this so that when vacuuming, dirt gets trapped by the brush roll which would otherwise end up on furniture or anywhere around outside of its intended location.

If they get wet because then there’ll be more work putting everything back again than necessary with no cleaner solution possible without using harsh chemicals like bleach which can damage fabric too much over time anyway.

This really depends upon various variables but weekly cleaning seems recommended unless covering after each use

How Does A Pool Vacuum Head Work?

Starts with a vacuum head and hose attached to an extendable pole, which you then connect through the house’s water intake. 

The filter will suck up any debris in its path before sending it all back out again at high pressure for cleaning or rinsing purposes depending on what kind of system your home is equipped with – this allows more efficient use of resources like electricity.

How Can I Use A Pool Vacuum Head?

Once you have attached the hose to your device, which should be getting vacuum through it and picking up any debris that gets stuck.

 From their it’s just like vacuuming at home; make sure everything is flat against one another so nothing will get caught in between or blocking where we want our cleaner surface without obstruction from large pieces of anything too big for usnicklebotnim Bristles brushings etc.

The whole process can take some work but if done correctly there shouldn’t really seem much effort involved because of all these little.


We recommend all the above-listed products based on our team experience. We use almost 500 plus pool heads brush and gain a lot of experience and then we finalize these best pool vacuum heads with the brush. The reviews which we give to every single product is unbiased.