Best Pool Vacuum For Dirt 2022

Nobody likes a dirty pool, which is why you need the best vacuum cleaner for dirt to keep it clean. That’s where we come in. We’ve put together a list of the top 7 best pool vacuums for dirt/sand for your swimming pool and what makes them stand out from the crowd.

You might be surprised at how well they work. One Vacuum that stands out as being better than all others is Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Upright Vacuum Cleaner with Powered Lift-Away Technology.

It has been designed to easily maneuver around obstacles and comes complete with accessories that make cleaning even more efficient. Plus, this vacuum has an easy to remove canister that means no more bending down or struggling with hoses.



Best overall Pool Vacuum Cleaner for dirt





Top Pool Vaccum Cleaner For Dirt List

Image Product Brand Price
POOL BLASTER Spa Vacuum Cleaner Spa Vacuum POOL BLASTER Check Price
Battery-Powered, Pool-Cleaner Max Cordless POOL BLASTER Check Price
Intex Spa Pool Vacuum Broom Cordless POOL BLASTER Check Price
POOL BLASTER Catfish Pool Cleaner Tech Catfish POOL BLASTER Check Price
Water Tech Rechargeable Pool Vacuum Tech Centennial POOL BLASTER Check Price
Endless Patio Debris Cleaning Vacuum bag Debris Cleaning Endless Patio Check Price

When it comes to pool maintenance, the right equipment makes any job easier. 

The best way of ensuring that your water stays clean and clear is by investing in some high-quality vacuum cleaners for algae or dirt from time to time as needed!

 There are so many choices available on today’s market–which can be overwhelming if you don’t know what type will work best with the conditions at hand – 

but thankfully I’ve collated some efficient models here which should help guide you towards one perfect match without wasting too much energy trying other products only end up being disappointing anyways due to their poor performance against tough soil types found commonly around propertys’ pools these days.

1- POOL BLASTER Vacuum Cleaner For Sand and Dirt

POOL BLASTER Water Tech Grit-Gitter Hot Tub and Spa Vacuum Cleaner for Spot Cleaning Sand and Dirt
Model NameGrit Gitter
  • Make your pool time even more fun with the Pool Blaster-
  • your simple and easy way to get rid of all that extra grit in no time! POOL BLASTER is the ultimate vacuum cleaner specifically designed to suck pool water out of filter cartridges, skimmers, or corners.
  • The compact design makes it easy for you to get on fast-moving rhythms and make quick work of large volumes in a wide variety of pool shapes.
  • What does it do? POOL BLASTER will vacuum up your entire pool in an hour or less with its strong suction power that wastes nothing!
  • All while keeping the natural swimming environment balanced by not releasing unwanted chemicals into the atmosphere during this process.
  • It’s also incredibly light and works well with any hand size (under 115 lbs.).


  • Hand-heald
  • Spot Cleaning
  • Grit Gitter unit


  • Not for soft tub

2- Pool Blaster Max Cordless Pool-Cleaner

Pool Blaster Max Cordless Rechargeable, Battery-Powered, Pool-Cleaner with 10.5” Scrub Brush Head, Large Filter Bag, Ideal for In-Ground Pool and Above Ground Pools for Leaves, Dirt and Sand & Silt.
Model NameMax
  • Cleaning your pool is a hassle. 
  • You have to get in the water and then deal with all that comes out of it:
  • Leaves, dust bunnies (or whatever else crawls over there), gunk from people who don’t know how important their own hygiene really is!
  • That’s where we come in you can just vacuum everything up instead because Water Tech has engineered.
  • Their motor design specifically for quick & efficient debris pick-up so even tough jobs will only take minutes rather than hours or days like other products struggle doing on difficult surfaces.
  • And whole pools? No problem!–the Max includes both a 10″ Vacuum Head AND a nose cone head. 
  • For those who enjoy cleaning their swimming pool and hot tub on the fly, this product is perfect.
  • With no hoses or cords needed to use it, simply replace one of your old blowers for an electric model like the Max! It has a large debris capture chamber as well as strong suction which can handle all types of dirt from acorns to twigs-
  • There’s nothing these vacuums won’t pick up in between swims with ease thanks only needing about 2 hours of charge time per day before being ready again when you need them most.


  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Powerful Water Tech P30 Motor
  • High-Capacity Debris Chamber


  • Filter and unclog the system

3- POOL BLASTER Broom Dirt Vacuum 

POOL BLASTER Aqua Broom Cordless Vacuum for Spa, Small Pool & Tight Spaces, Ideal for Sand, Silt & Dirt, Battery-Powered Hot Tub Cleaner for Inground, Above-Ground and Inflatable Pools, by Water Tech
Item Dimensions24 x 6 x 3.5
  • With the POOL BLASTER Broom Vac, clean your pool now with hours of free time to do anything else!
  • The Aqua Broom is designed for hot tubs, pools, or spas with an intense particulate cleaning power for sand and silt.
  • No need to spend all day scrubbing down the bottom of the pool anymore.
  • Easily vacuum up debris before it settles on the bottom where you can’t reach it very easily with a larger centralized vacuum.
  • So grab hold of the Aqua Broom and get deep into that super-clean feeling today!
  • Not only does the POOL BLASTER vacuum your pool floor but it can be used to clean up a variety of messes around the house.
  • Simply twist the switch ON and blast away dirt, leaves, mud…anything you have outside. 
  • It’s lightweight and easy to use by hand for all those jobs that require quick clean-ups like chasing chickens out of your garden or brushing off bear droppings from the porch railings!


  • Traps Dirt Securely
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Lightweight


  • Needs On/Off Switch

4- POOL BLASTER Powered Pool Cleaner

POOL BLASTER Water Tech Catfish Rechargeable, Battery-Powered, Swimming Pool Cleaner, Ideal for Hot Tub and Spa Cleaning, In-Ground and Above Ground Pool Steps Cleans Dirt, Sand & Silt and Leaves
Model NameCatfish
  • POOL BLASTER Powered Pool Cleaner – Cleans the dirt automatic cleaners leave behind. Hose-Free & Cord-Free, 
  • Self-contained and designed to work without cumbersome cords and hoses, Lightweight. Swim the pool today with the POOL BLASTER Powered Pool Cleaner.
  • Rechargeable, powered by a powerful lithium-ion battery, this machine is tough and durable enough to clean any type of shape pool
  • The detachable vacuum head has brushes and a crevice nozzle for tough dirt containment, leaving your pool sparkling clean! 
  • This cleaner also includes a reusable filter bag for leaves, twigs, and grass plus two disposable Micro-Filter Bags for finer debris.
  • For added convenience, there’s an easy-to-grip handle that attaches securely to any standard telescopic pole.
  • With its unmatched ease of use and long-lasting power supply, it would be foolish not to swim in a freshly cleaned swimming hole today. 
POOL BLASTER Powered Pool Cleaner


  • Multi-Purpose Vac Head
  • Cleans Stairs
  • Cord-Free


  • Bit Tricky Assemble

5- POOL BLASTER Battery Powered Pool Cleaner

POOL BLASTER Water Tech Centennial Rechargeable, Battery-Powered, Pool-Cleaner, Ideal for In-Ground Pools and Above Ground Pools for Cleaning Leaves, Dirt and Sand & Silt
Model NameCentennial
Item Dimensions24 x 10.5 x 9 inches
  • POOL BLASTER is the most convenient and easiest way to clean your pool.
  • Just put POOL BLASTER in the water, turn it on and watch as he undertakes a thorough cleaning of your whole pool automatically! 
  • Simply remove the vacuum head for regular spot-cleaning or face-angled head for hard-to-reach areas with ease. 
  • The suction ensures that you’ll never see any dirt and debris come back again – leaving you with one crystal clear pool all summer long!
  • Ever notice the dirt and debris that accumulates at the bottom of your pool?
  • The POOL BLASTER is a NEW product that will clean it up quickly and with minimal effort on your behalf.
  • With a quick release, this battery-powered cleaner removes leaves, acorns, twigs from entering your filter or worse yet re-entering back into the pool! 
  • If you can’t be there to supervise its progress, set the timer for periodic sweeping hours.
  • When done make sure you dump out junk using a quick-release design!


  • Convenient Cleaning
  • Versatile Cleaning
  • Quick Release


  • Need Fully Charge

6- Endless Patio Vacuum Replacement Bag  Pool Cleaner 

Endless Patio Pool Debris Cleaning Vacuum Replacement Bag Parts Leaf Pool Cleaner Fine Mesh Bag Cleans Leaves Dirt for Pools and Spas
Product Dimensions24.5 x 15 x 24.5
Item Weight2.89 ounces
ManufacturerEndless Patio
  • Get your pool looking crystal clear without breaking a sweat!
  • Endless Vacuum Bags are made of sturdy, high-quality material with an easy to attach intake mechanism for quick vacuuming.
  • You can also easily install the leaf bag at the bottom of your vacuum so you don’t have to worry about having to carry dirt and leaves back into their rightful place.
  • Rinse off tree droppings or other undesirables that are collected on your suction hose.
  • And when it comes time to replace them, simply unzip, discard dirty contents and rinse thoroughly before letting them dry in the sun. 
  • It doesn’t get much easier than this folks! The Endless Patio Pool Vac Bags capture leaves and dirt faster than a vacuum. 
  • With a diameter of 30 inches, these pool leaf bag replacement bags are made to clean the whole leaf catching part on most pool vacuums. 
  • The mesh is so fine that you won’t have to worry about any debris escaping from the holes.


  • Drawstring with Cleat
  • Ultimate Stitching
  • Universal Size


  • Torn mesh netting

Buyer Reviews


The original bags supplied by Hammerhead are less expensive but they have a problem. After a time, the bag will repeatedly fall off your vacuum spilling all of its contents back into the pool or spa

The new replacement vacuums are superior because you get an extra set for free!

These bags are stronger and will never leak like the ones from my car’s manufacturer. The price is better, too!

I love these tire covers because they’re much more durable than what I used before- no need to pay overpriced prices when you can buy one that’ll hold up just as well at a cheaper rate.

Theresa S.

The above-ground pool was a real pain to clean because it only had one side covered.

 The long hose and pole were difficult for me to use, so I ended up just letting the kid do all work themselves once they got tired of running around in circles with that thing!

I have an inground swimming area which is kind of inconvenient as well if you ask me since then its hard enough getting into/out from underwater without having anything blocking my way seeing how there’s no ladder or steps anywhere near us either way out back where we usually set our stuff down before entering through those high fences…

I’ve used my Pool Blaster several times now and I am very pleased with it. It’s easy to use; all you have to do is press the button, which starts up this wonderful little device that does most of the work for me!

 The wheels at its bottom make creeping along pool bottoms easier than ever before – they glide through even when covered in algae-like residue from dead leaves on their way down there.

Cleaning takes less time because instead of manually scrubbing away layers upon layers everything gets sucked right out by vacuuming action thanks so much say hello bye bye cleaning.

JE review

I have had mine for 2 yrs absolutely love it. I am meticulous about draining it and not leaving it outside (ever). 

The one thing that really makes this machine work well is my trick with the FL sand/silt – they don’t get caught in the fine bag when using those types of materials!

I cut off a few inches from the bottom of my knee-hi and stashed it outside, folding over top with a black ring. What an improvement!

Tara R

If you’re in the unfortunate position where your kid’s sand and dirt have been tracked into their kiddie pool, then it might be time for an upgrade.

 With summer coming soon we know how much work goes into maintaining a clean household; all too often do we neglect these simple luxuries like keeping our children out of trouble when they play outside by making sure nothing is left behind!

But what if there was something easier? What would life feel like without worrying constantly about tracking sand or grit straight back onto carpets which will only take hours (if not days) before returning once again.

This time even more stubbornly attached than ever before thanks to yet another layer between us. 

If you have an inverter and are willing to do some work, then this article is for YOU.

 I assume that anyone who has read the headline already knows how hard it can be when dealing with pools – especially ones in your own backyard!

 The last thing we want on our minds after doing hours upon end scrubbing away at dirty water stains or scraping algae off decks? Electricity bills swelling up like never before (yikes!).

 This tutorial will show step-by step instructions of making sure every outlet in the house stays juiced all day long without breaking down while also helping keep us cool during these sweltering months;

Dustin P.

The DeWALT Cordless Hand Vacuum is the perfect choice for cleaning up small messes, like spilled food and drinks.

 It has an average amount of suction power but it’s easy enough to clean out with some laundry detergent when you’re done using it!

The best part about this device?

 You don’t need any cords because it battery operated so there are no tangled shoelaces or Extension Cords getting in your way while working on different surfaces around the house – great if someone leaves their hairdryer plugged into something else without realizing!!

I was using one of those kids toy water squirters that are a pole with spouts on both ends, 

you pull back and out it sucks up dirt which is fine but without an internal filtration system (like the Hot Tub Fish) you have to shoot your dirty bathwater outside. 

Why Do You Need The Best Pool Vacuum For Dirt And Algae?

You might not have known that swimming in a pool with algae is incredibly dangerous for your health. Studies show it could cause skin conditions and respiratory problems, so keeping the water clean should be at the top of your list!

Algae can give off toxins that will only get absorbed by you when exposed through bathing or other activities such as washing dishes near an affected area

There are several hazards in and around pools. If you slip on algae,

 it can lead to a more serious injury or even drowning! Slipping while swimming is one risk that needs careful attention from homeowners with proper pool cleaners at their disposal.

Keeping your neighborhood clean will help keep these disasters away for good by eliminating slippery surfaces like the green stuff we all detest so much when cleaning up after swim meets/day-to-day use.

Algae are tiny plants that can cause skin irritations, including the need for medical attention.

 If you or a family member accidentally ingested pool water contaminated with algae it may result in fever and diarrhea which could be particularly dangerous if they have delicate skin due to their sensitivity towards bacteria commonly found on these kinds of organisms.

 The ongoing effects from dehydration make this condition very serious as well so any person experiencing them should seek immediate care!

The microorganisms in algae can cause pink eye. However, the infection will become less harmful if you take proper treatment and care for it with prescribed eyewashes or drops that prevent the further spread of this virulent illness.

Buying Guide

Cleaners Compatibility:

If you’re going to buy a suction or pressure-side cleaner, make sure that your pool pump and filtration system are compatible.

Consider The Pool Size & Capacity:

If you have a large pool, then consider the size of your preferred robotic cleaner before researching which one is right for you. 

In addition to this consideration being impacted by capacity and distance from edge-to-edge required hose length will also be influenced heavily on what kind: pressure or suction?

If going with something heftier like an automatic robotic model make sure that its power cord reaches deep into corners as well as has enough slack in case there are obstacles along extension paths.

Energy Consumption:

Picking the perfect pool cleaner for your needs can be difficult.

 If you’re looking into robotic models, consider their energy consumption rates before making any decisions as these types of cleaners draw 82% less electricity than pressure or suction type machines!

Effectiveness Of Filtration:

The effectiveness of a pool cleaner is determined by its filtration.

 Some cleaners let microscopic flecks through, while others can filter them out with ease and hence increase your swimming experience without any risk to you or anyone else in the water due to these little particles floating around that may cause skin irritation.

Special Attachments

When purchasing the best pool vacuum for algae and dirt, consider whether you need an attachment with bristles or one designed specifically to the scrubber. 

The type of brush also varies depending on how often your swimming area needs cleaning – mainly because they can be use both by themselves as well as in tandem with filters to remove fine dust from crevices that are otherwise inaccessible without specialized cleaners like these attachments!


Can You Swim In A Pool With Algae?

Some types of algae can be both healthy and dangerous for your health. 

There are two different specific groups,

 black water Algae or blue-green algae produce a toxic gas that makes you sick if exposed too much to it, but this will not happen if avoid contact with these kinds in the first place according to their severity degree – mild (black) vs severe(blue-green).

If one does come across them at all though they should always wear protection like rubber gloves when handling due to carelessness could cause skin irritation as well as other symptoms such as headache etc…

Can you vacuum algae out of a pool?

If you want to remove algae from your pool, it’s best not to use a vacuum.

 Vacuuming could affect the balance of chemicals in there and cause more problems than before.

A good option for removing dead or living green stuff is brushing up against those areas with a brush attachment – this will scrub off any unwanted matter while leaving healthy Reishi behind! 

You can also try using one-time treatments like algaecide tablets which work quickly but may be less effective over time as these contain synthetic ingredients so their effectiveness will weaken after continuous exposure (however occasional use should still provide some.

 Do robotic pool cleaners pick up algae?

Yes, they do! Robotic pool cleaners are very efficient at picking up algae and other fine dust particles.

 They also take significantly less time than handheld units – but you need to select a robot that comes with an ultra-fine filter bag for trapping tiny dirt grains sand or dead leaves from the bottom of your swimming area’s water surface.