Best Pool Leaf Vacuum Cleaner 2022

In this blog post we will be reviewing some of our favorite options for best pool leaf vacuum in various price ranges so you can make an informed decision when purchasing a new cleaner for your home.

Every pool needs a vacuum. From the nooks and crannies of your pool to the suction line, it is important to keep your water clean at all times. There are many types of vacuums on the market with different price points and features.



BEST OVERALL pool leaf vacuum


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Top Best Pool Leaf Vaccum List

Image Product Brand Price
Polog Pool Leaf Vacuum Leaf Sucker Polog Check Price
BLIKA Pool and Spa Vacuum Head Spa Vacuum BLIKA Check Price
Poolmaster 28300 Big Sucker Swimming Pool Leaf Vacuum, Blue Big Sucker Poolmaster Check Price
Pool Leaf Vacuum, Premier Collection Premier Collection Poolmaster Check Price
U.S. Pool Supply Leaf Terminator Vacuum Leaf Terminator U.S. Pool Supply Check Price
YSMJ Pool Leaf Vacuum Leaf Sucker with Brush YSMJ Check Price
U.S. Pool Supply Leaf Canister Pool Cleaner Vacuum Leaf Canister U.S. Pool Supply Check Price
WSBArt Pool Leaf Vacuum  Brush Mesh Bag WSBArt Check Price
Hydro Pool Leaf Bagger  Leaf Bagger Hydro Check Price
Swimline Blue Wave Leaf Bagger Blue Wave Leaf Blue Wave Products Check Price

Owning a swimming pool is like living in your own private oasis.

 It’s an investment that pays off with the joy of entertaining friends and family, while also providing some much-needed relaxation time for yourself.

But there are always tradeoffs – maintaining it can be expensive if you don’t do it on regular occasions (cleaning chemicals/time); sometimes kids get too exhausted after playing games outside all day long which leaves them more prone to sunburns during summer months; parents might not feel so cool after work when they see bubbles…

the list goes ON.

Maintaining hygiene in a swimming pool is one of the biggest challenges that face those with oak trees around. Clearing and cleaning out your pool every week can be exhausting, especially without an automatic vacuum cleaner or cleaners for you to use on occasion when necessary. 

You’ll spend less time doing so if only have access to something reliable as well.

The market is flooded with vacuum cleaners, but it’s hard to find the best one.

 The pool vacuums on this list are our top picks for different purposes and situations.

1- Large Pool Leaf Sucker with Brush

Item Dimensions16.5 x 16.5 x 6.5
Item Weight1.95 pounds
  • Pool cleaning has never been easier with the #1 leaf vacuum on Amazon.
  • With 8 powerful jets and 3 universal wheels, clean-up is quick and simple.
  • Don’t let that green put you in a bad mood or keep you out of the pool all day-clean your pool today.
  • Order now to receive multi-pack replacement parts for free
  • Tired of regretting skipping out on your pool maintenance?
  • Worry less with the Pool Leaf Vacuum. Thanks to its huge bag for storage, this leaf eater runs smoothly through all types of debris.
  • It’s perfect for wading, dockside pools and inground pools alike.
  • Once you’ve got the string on tight, all that’s left to do is push it down around the largest bunch of debris and flip up the leverBAM. 
  • All those pesky leaves are gone with one lunge of your powerful arm. 
  • If you feel like vacuuming needs an extra step or two there are three suction outlets that can be removed to rinse away any remaining debris within your pool. 
  • Get this ready before Memorial Day weekend (5-28) for 25% off.


  • More convenient
  • Removable brushes
  • 3 universal wheels


  • Need to install

2- BLIKA Pool Leaf Vacuum Head With Brush

BLIKA Pool and Spa Vacuum Head, Half Moon Pool Vacuum Head, Pool Leaf Vacuum Cleaner
ItemDimensions12.24 x 9.69 x 5.35
Item Weight15.5 ounces
  • Designed to clean the debris from your pool, this handy pool vacuum head has a 1-1/4″ diameter that fits well into standard pools. 
  • Featuring a twist shape design that provides you with all-around cleaning abilities,
  • It will not disappoint when the time comes to getting your next home renovation project out of the way.      
  • Pool vacuum head made from durable ABS plastic, easy to use. 
  • The detachable pool cleaning brush with soft and flexible bristles cleans the corner of your pool.


  • Good Quality
  • Easy To Clean
  • Half Moon Shape


  • Attach with pole

3- Poolmaster Big Sucker Pool Leaf Vacuum

Size1 Pack
Model Name28300
  • Has your pool been suffering from poor water quality due to a buildup of leaves and dead bugs?
  • Poolmaster’s Big Sucker leaf vacuum is the perfect product for efficient, easy cleaning. We recommend using our Jet Vacuum cleaner prior to using the Big Sucker vacuum- no more twisting your wrist or back.
  • Finally, a pool vacuum that doesn’t require you to wake up at the crack of dawn every day to get out and manually eradicate leaves from your pool.
  • Vacuuming can be done in one afternoon with this tough, versatile, pile-pusher.
  • Keep your pool looking clear and sparkling all season long with the Poolmaster 28300 Big Sucker Swimming Pool Leaf Vacuum. 
  • This one-time investment creates a leafless, debris-free swimming environment with its high-powered vacuum head and easy mulching capability. 
  • Skip the hassle of vacuuming leaves by hand with its extended handle for close contact in deep pools and tight quarters; no bending required.


  • Includes Reusable Leaf Bag
  • Easy To Maneuver
  • Large Profile Design


  • Not for algae

4- Poolmaster Swimming Pool Leaf Vacuum

Poolmaster 28316 Swimming Pool Leaf Vacuum, Premier Collection
Model Name28316
  • The Poolmaster Leaf Vacuum is the best way to clean leaves and other debris from your pool area. 
  • It features a large 15-inch ABS body with 8 high-pressure jets for cleaning tough areas with rough ground surfaces, 4 multi-directional swivel wheels. 
  • It can go into those elusive corners, and replaceable perimeter brushes that keep those hard to reach spots nice and crisp.
  • Is grass not good enough for you guys down south?
  • We totally feel ya. If the leaves fall, here comes your pool Master.
  • This leaf vacuum is designed to get those tiny green dreams off the deck and into the trash where they belong.
  • Four tires, mar-proof rubber bumpers on either end hold on tight against all angles of suction towards coarsely ground lawns or pools.


  • Perimeter Bumper And Brushes
  • Deluxe Handle
  • 15-inch ABS body


  • Need Pole and Hose

5- U.S. Leaf Terminator Pool Vacuum

Item Dimensions15.5 x 15.3 x 6.2 inches
Item Weight2.38 pounds
ManufacturerU.S. Pool Supply
  • This professional leaf terminator vacuum stands ready to remove all the leaves and debris from any pool type.
  • The robust ABS plastic body is durable, reusable, and large at 15″ diameter; there are 2 high-quality leaf bags (standard size) included for easy storage.
  • Keep your pool clean + ready for use with this excellent vacuum.
  • Say goodbye to all your pool-cleaning woes with the U.S. Pool Supply vacuum.
  • All you need is an external water source and a bucket for holding bags of leaves,
  • Dirt, and debris hauled from the bottom of your swimming pool with this innovative device–no more tedious scrubbing or spot-cleaning anymore.
  • Struggle no more through all that muck in the deep end or that nook at one end of your backyard lapping pools–just get up on top of them pretty flowers and drift right on over with our leaf sucker’s quick nodule release power.
  • Just imagine–heatwaves beating down on your back as you laugh while children play happily in their submerged mode knowing they won’t have inhaled any icky
  • Say goodbye to those pesky leaves and other debris that prevent you from enjoying your pool and garden.
  • Make the canvas of your outdoor space perfect for cool backyard BBQs this year with our Leaf Terminator Vacuum.
  • It has a built-in vacuum tube for leaf elimination, 4 rotation wheels make it easy to maneuver around pools and gardens like no other, and 3 perimeter brushes remove debris quickly without scratching up surfaces like decks or walls.


  • professional leaf terminator
  • Maintenance supplies
  • Fast and Efficiently


  • Low price

6- YSMJ Pool Leaf Vacuum Leaf Sucker with Brush

YSMJ Pool Leaf Vacuum 15” Pool Leaf Sucker with Brush for Above Ground In-ground Pools Spas Ponds Fountains Pool Sucker Underwater Cleaner with Free Pool Leaf Skimmer
Item Dimensions15.4 x 15.2 x 6.6
Item Weight2.84 pounds
  • How’s your pool looking lately?
  • Now with the invention of our new YSMJ Pool Leaf Vacuum, you can save money on just about any cleaning product. 
  • You don’t need to spend money on pool chemicals because the leaves that go into this vacuum will be eliminated quicker than just just one use.
  • Imagine how much time it takes to remove all those leaves by hand versus using our efficient leaf vacuum cleaner which is able to collect up-to-700g without needing bagging or emptying.
  • Plus, if you purchase now for $29 (lower than any competitors) we will enter you in a chance to win an appetizer party every month for only $5 more.
  • Swim through negative ions and clean up some leaves with the YSMJ Pool Leaf Vacuum. 
  • This flexible vacuum cleaner comes with a large filter mesh bag capable of collecting even more dirt, debris, and leaves than before.
  • Strengthen your pool’s filtration system while you place this head onto your hose and rod to make it easier to collect all of those pesky leaves that always seem to get in the way of having fun in the pool or while doing laps.


  • Cleaning Faster
  • 4 Universal Wheels
  • Round Disc


  • Needs to include pole

7- U.S. Pool Supply in-line Pool Leaf Vacuum

Item Dimensions15.47 x 7.2 x 6.65
Item Weight5 ounces
ManufacturerU.S. Pool Supply
  • It’s time to go all out with one of the best tools to maintain a dirty pool.
  • This is something worth going nuts over, so stop being a drag and snag this leaf canister today. 
  • Let all those leaves keep floating on top of your pool water where they belong to ensure that you’re always clean as a whistle.         
  • Whether you’re looking for pool vacuums or leaf canisters, U.S. Pool Supply Professional has your needs covered.
  • The easy to open screw-on lid provides quick access to the large plastic mesh debris basket that allows you to see at a glance when it requires emptying.
  • The best part of this product is its clear body that will allow you to follow the progress of your pool from beginning to end as each problem – be it a tiny speck of dirt or a pile of leaves – gets sucked up and trapped in its own separate section.
  • The answer for everyone with an inground pool: Make sure all those loose leaves have been swept away before winter arrives. With our Premium quality 15″ long by 6″ diameter leaf.


  • affordable pool cleaning
  • Large Plastic Mesh Basket
  • Easy to Connect and Use


  • Cheap in Price

8- WSBArt Pool Leaf Vacuum 

WSBArt Pool Leaf Vacuum 15”Pool Leaf Sucker Swimming Pool Leaf Vacuum Cleaner for Above Ground Pool Inground Pool with Brush Mesh Bag Underwater Cleaner
Item Dimensions15.47 x 15.27 x 5.91
Item Weight2.16 pounds
  • The WSBArt Pool Leaf Vacuum is a convenient little vacuum for keeping your pool water clear, and lasting longer. 
  • You can use this vacuum to remove leaves from the surface of the pool – without any need for a hose or a pole.
  • It’s a speedy way to spend less time maintaining your pool and more time enjoying it.
  • The WSBArt Pool Leaf Vacuum is perfect for you if you’ve been struggling to get your backyard clean this season. 
  • The 8 water injection nozzles are powerful enough to suck up all your pesky leaves before they can settle into your electronics or slip through the safety net on those great lounge chairs. 
  • This vacuum cleaner is quick and easy; with a built-in quick disconnect adapter,
  • It’ll fit any garden hose and won’t require an extra clumsy attachment like other vacuums do. Get yours already.
  • This pool vacuum cleaner is perfect for pools that are poorly maintained. 
  • It only takes minutes to completely clean the surface of your disgusting pool with this automatic suction system,
  • Leaving you nothing but time to relax on your chaise lounge.    


  • Underwater Cleaner
  • Brush head is made of nylon
  • Replaceable connector


  •  suitable for small swimming pool

9- Swimline Venturi Pool Leaf Bagger

HydroTools by Swimline Venturi Pool Leaf Bagger
Item Dimensions15.2 x 15.2 x 6.69
Item Weight1.6 pounds
  • HydroTools by Swimline is an easy-to-use bag vacuum that makes getting rid of pool leaves a snap.
  • Simply hook up to the garden hose, 
  • adjust the correct angle for faster vacuuming, and remove these pesky critters in no time. 
  • Great for pools with trees close by or anyone who has lots of leaves hanging out on their lawn.
  • The HydroTools by Swimline Venturi Pool Leaf Bagger has wheels and brushes to make it easy for you to clean your pool.
  • Comes with a nylon drawstring leaf bag so you can keep the filter functioning properly.


  • Features wheels and brushes
  • Nylon drawstring leaf bag
  • Includes handle


  • Keep filter clean

10- Swimline Blue Wave Leaf

Swimline Blue Wave Leaf Bagger
BrandBlue Wave
Item Dimensions15 x 12 x 9
  • Clean up leaves and debris off of hard surfaces and patios in a snap with the Swimline Blue Wave Leaf Bagger. 
  • This handy leaf bagger connects to your standard garden hose,
  • Simply turn it on and collect leaves that will then easily slide into one easy-to-grab bag.
  • You can take these bags out for disposal or add them to your compost pile when you’re done cleaning up. 
  • This leaf bagger makes tidying up easier than ever so you’ll be ready for next year’s beautiful backyard party before spring ushers in all its seasonal happiness.
  • You can’t beat the convenience of our Swimline Blue Wave Leaf Bagger.
  • Featured with an adapter, wheels, brushes, and nylon drawstring leaf bag this tool is perfect for anyone with green thumbs.
  • The simple push brush will quickly clear leaves away to make way for green growth in your garden or backyard. It’s so easy to take on the go too you won’t need any additional gear.
  • Just grab your swim line leaf bagger by its durable handles over one shoulder and roll down your street after a raking session to collect all those fallen leaves.


  •  just 20-minute or less
  • Complete with handle ADAPTER
  • Large capacity


  • Purchase pole seprately

Buyer Reviews


If you’re worried that your pool might be too dirty and need to be drained, don’t listen to the person who told me I had to do it. 

They were wrong. A larger diameter water hose will probably improve the unit’s performance; however 1/2″ is best for going slow or when removing dead algae at bottom of pools (although not all can).  

This tool will remove the algae that clog up your pool, making it easier for you to see what is causing all those pesky greenies. 

You can use this with other cleaning products like chemicals or even just vinegar if necessary. It’s also great at removing gross bits of leafy debris from within its grasp.

Amanda Long

I was dreading cleaning my pool when it got so gross (I pride myself on always making sure the water looks amazing). But then I found this Poolmaster Leaf Vacuum and realized how easy it is to clean up after ourselves.

The lightweight vacuum is perfect for those who want to clean their pool but don’t have time or energy. You just need one pass with this model, and then everything that has been bothering you recently will be gone.


I’ve owned this net for about three weeks now and I am very satisfied. 

It was easy to set up, took me five minutes max.

The only thing that would have made it better is if they included an extranet so you could pool two in case one breaks or gets lost at school over winter break-I know some people put them away early because who wants another chore right? 

But even with just 1 left it’s nice not having too much work on top of our daily swim routine.

One issue might be how flat your bottom needs to get before using these things – make sure there are no kinks/ wrinkles around the edges where water may collect since otherwise instead of capturing debris inside like intended., anything caught outside

I found that the particles were getting through to my pool.

 I had an idea of what was happening, so I cut out some pantyhose and used it as a netting underneath me while swimming with one side wrapped around on the top edge just like they do in elementary schools for water games.

 The material is very stretchy too which made this project much easier than expected – even if you don’t know how flexible cotton strings are when wet.

It worked perfectly; catching everything from leaves all up at nose level down below where things can get pretty nasty sometimes during winter months here (I’m looking forward to warmer weather.


I finally found the perfect solution to my leaf problem.

I had scooped up all of those pesky leaves with a net, but next time they come back in droves, this will make quick work of them.

 Just like your favorite pair of jeans – you know how when one thread breaks- everything starts coming apart?

 This is exactly what happened with vacuuming: even though it worked before and made me look good for trying out an innovative idea without any success at first (and again when we tried again),

 now there’s no way anything could hold together because icky dirty water got inside everywhere making sure not only does dirt stay put; more importantly bacteria doesn’t spread around either which means.

The leaves were clogging up my pool’s filter so I couldn’t swim. After reading reviews on Amazon for the Leaf Pool Vacuum, which are all positive with people saying it cleaned their pools after just one use.

So easy to use just attach the hose and turn the dial until water comes out of jet nozzles or vacuum bristles -no more leaves in ya sights. Great price too because these things have lasted them years before needing new parts.

 It does pick up small bits like bugs but nothing bad will happen if you run this thing over twice while skimming off algae

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Pool Cleaner for Leaves

When it comes to pool vacuum cleaners, there are three types that you can choose from. Which one will depend on your needs and budget – but before making this decision consider the following:

-What type of cleaner do I want? A rotary floor sweeper or an upright cylinder with a brush attachment 

How much space does my yard have for storage purposes?

Size and Hose Length:

One of the first things to consider when choosing a pool cleaner is its size. Every model has been designed for specific pools, so if you have a 40 ft wide swimming area and want one that’ll clean it all in just one to go then pick out something rated at least 39 inches long or more than 120 volts with your power source.

But why stop there? You could extend even further using say some garden hose which would bring about less suction power as well as cause problems such tangled cords getting caught up on corners leading back into water hazards; however, thankfully these cleaners come equipped with

If a person were looking only at vacuum capabilities without any other features this

Pump Suitability:

With so many different pools pumps out there, it’s important to make sure the vacuum cleaner you buy will work with your specific pump.

A standard 2 horsepower (or more) rated motor is usually enough for most families needs but some might require more depending on how big of an area they want to be cleaned or dirt that gets into their filter easily clings onto surfaces before getting trapped by suction along its path up from bottom drain which increases need-to use strength accordingly.

Climbing Ability:

Pool stairs and the floor of a pool require specific vacuums to clean it properly. A cleaner that can only climb will not do, as this would leave dirt behind on your steps or in places where you don’t want any leftovers from an accident.

The best option for cleaning pools is one with multiple rotating brushes at different heights so there’s no residue along these edges while also being able to reach every inch underwater. Those without such features must still think outside the box:

use soap instead if necessary followed by a brushing session afterwords; sponges work well too but need replacing regularly because they absorb lots of chemicals which could discolor filters over time.

Wheel Layout:

The many obstacles in the swimming pool such as filter flaps and drains can be frustrating for cleaning professionals. Ensure that your cleaner’s wheels or tracks will not get stuck on these peculiar to you, so they don’t ruin their equipment.

Surface Compatibility:

Some cleaners will be able to clean all types of materials, while others can only handle plastic or gunite. It’s important that before you buy one for your poolside needs with the ability to remove stains from vinyl and tile (which is what most people use), make sure they list whether it cleans these specific surfaces too.


The size and shape of a pool can make a difference when it comes to choosing the best cleaner. Pools with larger debris will always require higher suction cleaners, but if your property has sand as well then consider looking into an oscillating or vacuum type machine instead.


Are robotic pool cleaners worth it?

With robotic pool cleaners, you can just kick back and relax while they take care of everything. They work by following a program that is tailored for your specific needs:

whether it’s navigating around the sides or cleaning out those hard-to-reach corners; with these programs in place, there will never again be an issue when it comes time to do some maintenance on account as well as keep debris from clogging up filters.

How long do robotic pool cleaners last?

Robotic cleaners are usually durable and can serve you for at least four to five years. But this also depends on the model or quality, as well as user maintenance culture. A high-quality robotic cleaner with proper care could last up to seven eight;

while low-quality products might not be so long-lasting – it all comes down to how much extra attention is paid in taking good care of them.

It’s always worth investing in a more expensive product that has been proven reliable over time instead of settling without putting forth any effort towards maintaining its condition yourself first hand by buying something cheaper.

How often should a robotic pool cleaner be used?

How often you use your pool is a key factor in deciding the frequency of cleaning. If it’s not use very much, robotic cleaners can take care of maintenance on an individual basis so there isn’t need to run the vacuum every day or two days like when people are always swimming; however,

some covere pools may require more than one visit per month for regular cleaning depending upon dirt accumulation over time.

usually, 3 times per year should suffice but sometimes 4 visits during the summer season if they’re heavily utilize d because chemicals won’t be sufficient alone at keeping things clean while water slide goes full blast

Regulates salt levels too which helps resist corrosion/oxidation.