Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum 2022 (Reviews)

There are many best above ground pool vacuums on the market, but not all of them are created equal. There are several different types of in-ground and above ground, pools to consider when looking for a vacuum cleaner that’s right for you.

We spent 208 hours to observing the above ground robotic pool vacuums, and now we are suggest you the most efficient and reliable vacuums. Our 17 member team, they are expert in their field. So we declare all pros and cons of every products.

Consider your needs before making any purchase decisions. What type of water pool skimmer do you have? How much money can you spend? These questions will help narrow down your options so that you can find the perfect pool vacuum cleaner for your needs.


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We know that maintaining a clean pool is no easy task. One way to make it easier on you are by installing an above-ground swimming pool vacuum system, which will keep your pools filter free from clogged pores and microbe growths.

In order to have a great time at your pool, you need the right equipment.

10 Best Above Ground Robotic Pool Vacuum

Image Product Brand Price
PAXCESS Robotic Pool Cleaner Robotic Pool Cleaner PAXCESS Check Price
Suction Pool Cleaner Suction Pool Cleaner Hayward Check Price
Auto-Dock Robotic Pool Cleaner Auto-Dock Robotic Pool Cleaner AIPER SMART Check Price
Spa Jet Vacuum Cleaner Spa Jet Vacuum Cleaner Pool Supply Town Check Price
Deluxe Automatic Pool Cleaner Deluxe Automatic Pool Cleaner Intex Check Price
Battery-Powered, Pool-Cleaner Battery Powered Pool Cleaner Pool Blaster Check Price
Rechargeable Robotic Pool Cleaner Rechargeable Pool Cleaner AIPER SMART Check Price
Portable Pool Vacuum Portable Pool Vacuum POOLWHALE Check Price
Powerful Suction Pool Cleaner Powerful Suction Pool Cleaner Bigzzia Check Price
Auto Pool Cleaner Auto Pool Cleaner INTEX Check Price

 And when it comes down to choosing an above-ground vacuum for yourself or as part of a gift idea from one family member who already has their own cleaner model that they love – know this: there is no “perfect” choice.

 which can help make things easier by helping direct people towards budget-friendly cleaners up through robotic models tailored specifically toward removing sand stuck deep within corners where most other vacuums would struggle.

Best Pool Vacuum Above Ground

Summer is in full swing and the living is easy: just enjoy that warm weather while you can.

Yet, most people with above ground swimming pools wish they could avoid tedious manual cleaning by finding an automatic cleaner who will do all of it for them.

Pool cleaners are a small investment, but you still need to do your due diligence.

Why chance having unhappy clients who come down with skin infections or other illnesses because their swimming pool cleaner didn’t work?

Have you ever tried to work through all the technical jargon and special offers when looking for an above-ground pool cleaner?

It’s not easy. If that sounds like your experience whether the price is more important than performance or vice versa. These cleaners cover every aspect so there won’t be any choice left too hard on this end of things.

1. PAXCESS Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner

PAXCESS Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner

Item Weight12.1 Pounds
Battery Weight29 Grams
  • No more lawn chairs, hoses, pool nets or scrubbing brushes. 
  • This PAXCESS cordless robotic pool cleaner is the finest innovation in portable water maintenance you can buy for your very own backyard pool. 
  • My Paxcess Robot has a battery capacity of 5000mah for between 60-90 minutes of continuous work from one year.
  • The IPX8 waterproof design ensures that you can submerge this model without breaking it down and will not have to worry about any problems with water damage. 
  • During cleaning sensitive sensors feature that immediately stop once when they encounter an obstacle, which means it’s safer than ever before. Rather than wrestling with inefficient hand-operated cleaning devices, use PAXCESS today to take care of all your time consuming labor by itself.


  • Lightweight & Easy
  • Energy-Saving
  • Convenient Robotic Pool Cleaner


  • Clean filter after use

2. Hayward Above Ground Vinyl Pool Vacuum

Hayward Above Ground Vinyl Pool Vacuum
Item Weight17.91 pounds
  • The Hayward Suction Pool Cleaner is designed for vinyl surfaces, with a unique wing design and constant suction power.
  • Its rotating AquaPilot pre-programmed steering pattern is designed to provide intelligent, complete pool coverage while keeping the hose neatly coiled up out of the way. 
  • My cleaner cleans efficiently and quietly without loud noisy pulsating hoses or any parts that are cumbersome in the pool’s water.
  • The end result is a more peaceful experience having my pool professionally maintained by automatic operation.
  • Get out of the pool and feel like a new person.
  • Hayward PoolVac XL is back to make it easy for you to get all that dirt off without needing any more effort than your morning routine.
  • Plus, it’s so fast no one will have time to complain about how wet they are after shooting hoops with their friends or diving deep for photos – which means less sweaters in the closet.


  • Superior Debris Pickup
  • Programmed Cleaning
  • Silent Operation


  • Keep full charge before use

3. AIPER Best Above Ground Pool Cleaner

AIPER Best Above Ground Pool Cleaner
Battery Weight1 Grams
  • Removing tough dirt and debris was never so easy with the cordless AIPER SMART automatic pool cleaner.
  • Make the process of cleaning my swimming or spa water much easier than before.
  • The two powerful motors provide strong suction, but combine it with 2 bottom brushes to attack any kind of garbage in my pool.
  • Whether getting rid of leaves, buds, dirt, or sand- an auto cleaner will make light work out of them all up to 25% faster than other brands.
  • UPPER SMART Automatic Pool Cleaner is one waterproof pool cleaner that has got covered.
  • Stops along the pool wall when the battery is low, automatically docks itself to recharge and carries IPX8 water-resistant design for safe outdoor operation.
  •  Plug it into an outlet with 110 volts or less than wait 3-4 hours for the next cleaning session.


  • Waterproof Technology
  • Stops Along The Pool Wall When Battery Low
  • Cord Free, Hassle-Free


  • Remove Algae to Filter

4. PoolSupplyTown Pool Vacuum Cleaner

PoolSupplyTown Pool Vacuum Cleaner
BrandPool Supply Town
Size4 Feet Pole
ColorOriginal version
  • It’s finally summer and you’ve got the pool ready to go.
  • You set up that volleyball net, but know that in just a few seconds when someone flies through it, debris and oils will get all over your sparkling clean water if you don’t vacuum it off quickly enough.
  • But who wants to carry around a big bulky vacuum?
  • We hear you! That’s why we proudly introduce our PoolSupplyTown Vacuum Cleaner. 
  • The package comes with 4-feet poles (which can be split into two parts) and everything else you need to vacuum your pool like an amusing adult.
  • With modern design and EXTRA vacuum head handle for whatever seems like never-ending vacuuming or one handed operation, this is something no sensible person
  • I feel so free in the water when I have this handy tool at my disposal. 
  • The PoolSupplyTown jet vacuum will take care of all those pesky leaves, dirt, hair, and any other debris on the pool floor. 
  • No electricity is needed – just attach it to a garden hose and turn the valve on. When combined with regular pool cleaning duties, these vacuums above ground are taking my stress levels down significantly.
  • So get into that sunshine floating around out there with less worry about what’s underfoot thanks to our new favorite toy.


  • comes with 4-feet poles
  • Ideal for above ground
  • No ELECTRIC POWER needed


  • For Small Pools

5. Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum For Intex

Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum For Intex
  • The Intex Automatic Pool Cleaner is the best pool cleaner for quick & thorough cleaning of your entire pool, just click and relax.
  • With 700 gallons per hour input water pressure power this machine will quickly clean the whole pool by creating its own path with help from rotating dual dirt scrubbers that can work even hard to remove dirt up to the water lines.
  • Alongside this product comes an Intex automatic pump with required flow rate between 1600-3500 gallons which you’ll need in order to use this product. 
  • Get a life back on track and be worry free with no messy cleanups when coming home or spending your time in front of the movie theater.
  • Give yourself more family time where it belongs, at YOUR convenience.
  • Now I can enjoy a sparkling clean pool without constantly hosing it down. Intex automatic aboveground pool cleaner revolutionary design employs the water pressure of my hose to operate, eliminating expensive batteries or electricity.
  • The mesh filter captures even the finest debris for a gleaming pool with minimal maintenance.
  • Imagine having more time to relax under an umbrella this summer with our automatic cleaner.
Intex Auto Pool Cleaner review


  • Dual Scrubbers
  • Debris Filtering
  • Pressure Side Operation


  • May takes time

6. Pool Blaster Pool Cleaner Above Ground

Pool Blaster Pool Cleaner Above Ground
Model NameMax
  • Keep your pool sparkling with the Pool Blaster Max! This cleaning tool is designed to effectively remove dirt and algae growths in your pool, without any harsh chemicals.
  • The Pool Blaster CA offers increased vacuum suction paired with a P30 design for quick pick ups.
  • It includes an attachable 10.5 inch head for general cleanings or removing it exposes the nose cone head perfect for hard to reach areas.
  • The versatile device also features two different speeds so you can take care of light debris in seconds or ease into stronger currents when necessary. Just choose the higher speed when needed.
  • With this damaging storm season fast approaching, try out our new MAX version today if interested.
  • Capture more dirt than your vacuum or hand with this powerful pool blaster. 
  • CORDLESS CLEANING makes for quick and easy cleanups. 
  • The Max cleans up tight corners, too.


  • Capture More Dirt
  • Cordless Cleaning
  • Increased Power


  • Not for stones

7. AIPER SMART Best Cordless Pool Cleaner

AIPER SMART Best Cordless Pool Cleaner
Item Weight13 Pounds
  • The AIPER Smart cordless Pool Cleaner is outfitted with an innovative set of smart sensors that navigate the pool accordingly to find all the dirt.
  • With a sleek design, it’s easy to use and it handles any swimming pool up to 861sq/ft in size with just one simple push.
  • I used the dual-lens camera at night or day, allowing me to watch your pool being cleaned from anywhere.
  • A revolution in the world of cordless cleaners, this nice design is easy to use and great for any size or shape pool.
  • You’ll love how we effortlessly tackle dirt and debris from your waterline for a sparkling clean pool you can be proud of.
  • Say goodbye to tangled cords and damaged equipment.
  • The AIPER SMART Cordless Automatic Pool Cleaner handles all that’s necessary on its own with ease.
  • The simple one-touch button activates our patented wall climbing system plus powerful suction to effectively remove every last spec from your liner, steps, stairs, ladders, walls even out of nooks and crannies where dirt hides. Don’t feel overwhelmed.
Aiper best cordless pool vacuum cleaner review


  • Auto-landing Technology
  • Agile & Efficient
  • Large Battery Capacity


  • it moves very quickly

8. POOLWHALE Pool Cleaners

PoolWhale Pool Cleaner
SizePool Jet Vacuum
  • Designed to provide an easy way for homeowners to clean out pools, 
  • ponds and other bodies of water, the POOLWHALE Cleaner is just that.
  •  The design is simple to use,attach it to your standard garden hose and you’re good to go! With 6 sections of interconnected pole measuring 56.5″ long with brushes on both ends.
  • you can easily reach all the corners of even large pools!
  • With POOLWHALE, you’ll never have to wrestle with your pool vacuum again. Just install the bag and screw on your hose.
  • Fill it up with water by using the suction effect of the hose, then go for a swim (or don’t).
  •  When you’re done, tighten up the bag’s drawstring closure and beaming yourself to enjoy the end-result – sparkling clear water.
  • The POOLWHALE Cleaner is the perfect solution to cleaning your pool with ease.
  •  Nylon netting of high-capacity fine mesh collects dirt from the bottom of pools, clean brushes are designed to make everything easy targets for picking up, and retractable ropes lock it securely at the outlet.


  • Small and exquisite
  • collect stains, leaves and stones
  • easy to assembly


  • Cheap price

9. Benzakalaka Automatic Pool Cleaner

Benzakalaka Automatic Pool Cleaner
Battery Weight15 Grams
Lithium Battery29.6 Watt Hours
  • There are some products that are just easier for you, Benzakalaka Pool Cleaner is one of them.
  • Cordless means no longer worry about the cord entanglement, cord damage, No hose connect easy to use. 
  • Press the power button and put it into the pool soon, work automatically in water.
  • Will not working If you don’t put this pool vacuum into water. Quickly clean flat pool up to 430sq/ft without having to lift a finger.
  • This newest pool vacuum robot with two suction doors, combine with four brushes and superior filter strong suction easily collects debris likes leafs, budds dirt twigs sands will takes over your pool’s cleaning needs hassle free.
  • The Benzakalaka cordless automatic pool cleaner provides 60 minutes of constant, hands-free cleaning at a time. 
  • It is equipped with an IPX8 waterproof 4000mAh lithium battery that will allow you to use the product in all sorts of bodies of water.
  • whether it be just your home pool or someone else’s epic backyard creation with a jacuzzi and inviting waterfall.
  • When the battery is drained, simply pull it out and recharge on 110v outlet for 4-5 hours before using again.
  • The Smart Dock docking technology helps the device identify when its battery dies and stop cleaning so that there is no need to worry about overcharging and damaging the unit.
  • The filter tray has quick release features so it can be easily washed off by hand.


  • smart self-protection
  • Smart robotic cleaner
  • Rechargeable battery


  • Suitable for small pools

10. Intex Auto Pool Cleaner For Above Ground

Intex Auto Pool Cleaner For Above Ground
Battery Weight1 Grams
  • Ideal for Intex pools, the Intex Auto Pool Cleaner is designed to vacuum both floors of your pool while it cleans.
  • The system automatically vacuums and filters dirt, leaves, and other debris; giving you more time to enjoy the rest of your backyard.
  • The bayonet-style attachment easily pops on any Intex inlet connector with 1 1/2in. 
  • 38mm pool size hose fitting without additional adapters needed so it’s ready for use right out of the box.
  • Just plug it in and let this handy device do all the work while you sit back and relax. Well the price is low, so it’s worth a try.


  • Air Powered
  • Decent Cleaner


  • only pick up loose dirt and debris

Above Ground Pool Vacuum Buyer Reviews

Lucie Healy

We have just about every type of pool cleaner on the market, but this one is by far our favorite. It gets into all those hard to reach places that other cleaners can’t get into and it does so quickly. The best part?

 You don’t even need help from someone else because these vacuums are designed for easy operation- making sure you spend more time relaxing in your own backyard instead of cleaning up after another person or animal who got too close while enjoying summer fun at an outdoor venue.


I thought it wishful thinking that I could retire my ailing cordless rechargeable pool vac for less than the cost of one new machine,

 but this Intex automatic pool cleaner really does work. It’s not only fun to watch its random scuttle about on all fours – in an hour (and some change), it had covered every square inch and made everything sparkling clean.


The Solaris robotic pool cleaner is easy to use, clean and maintain.

 It has an automatic stop function when it leaves water or collects dirt on the bottom of your inground pools which makes it perfect for cleaning up after children.

 The most difference between this product versus other cordless cleaners out there are that you no longer need install wheels onto initial base unit as well as adjust its direction because all happen automatically with every step taken inside the filter’s coverage zone (90 degree angles).

Super Woman

“This thing is a godsend,” I said to myself, “I wonder if it would work for my 10ft Intex pool?”

 So one day after getting carried away by dirt and plant life that ended up in my new backyard oasis of cool water.

Gwen S

I got my new Aiper Pool Cleaner in today. After putting together, charging I was ready to try it out! Easy handling and went swimming within seconds of being put into the pool.

Actually pretty neat watch the cleaner do its job as well. 90 minutes later, it parked itself on side of pool–did an excellent job at cleaning up all messes that wouldn’t go away by themselves.

My granddaughter loved watching us clean too 🙂 Highly recommend this product if you have any typeof above ground pool since anything seems easier now with one less step involved.

Michael Balderas

The pool vacuum is a great investment for your home! It’s easy to use and gets the job done. 

Negative reviews about corrosion from salt or chlorine should be ignored because it sounds like these people didn’t read instructions on how long they needed their unit before using them in water with high levels of either substance – just check that seal when you first open up packet save yourself some hassle down the line.

Mark bencze

I just got the Intex ZX 300 vacuum for my pool and, man oh man is it a doozy. It’s powerful enough that Frank won’t let up even when I have him going over every last inch of our round! The filter works great too – 2100gph will shake any money maker in its’ path (pun totally intended).


I am so excited with this!! I wasn’t really expecting it to work…because of the low price and because we live on an old well without much water pressure.

 Our only pool is a little blowup thing for grandkids, but my 2-year old loves jumping in and out of its shallow end constantly – which leaves him playing dirty all over by himself before long! This new vacuum will keep us from having fresh dirtied up sides every day while keeping our large backyard nice & clean too..with just one quick Clorox cleaning after each use.


We love this little cleaner. Our intex above ground pool is round 15’x38″ and it was hard to find a sweep that wasn’t too large, did the job without stopping at folds we weren’t able make stretch out- works beautifully.

Gets even bugs landing on bottom – pine needles when there are few oak leaves also.. We run in morning times as well because debris doesn’t pile up easily with our 2 hour recharge time(s). Solar system would be best next thing…now Our pool looks great.

Maui Wahine

The Hayward HVAC508900 is the best vacuum for your pool. 

I have had mine 2 years and it has been a dream to use. Not only does this thing clean up all of my slip, slop & spam but its so easy on maintenance too just open up two screws with an Allen wrench which releases 4 clips holding everything in place then done deal ready every time.

Above Ground Pool Cleaner Buying Guide

The best above ground robotic pool vacuum cleaners vary in terms of features and performance.

 For more thorough cleaning, some will require you to manually scrub the floor with a brush while others have an air suction system 

that can do all work for them automatically by pulling dirt deep into its filters where it becomes easier on your backside too!

Maintaining these machines is also important so make sure they’re cleaned out thoroughly every year or two depending upon how often people use them  (every day).

If you’re in the market for an above ground pool vacuum,

 our team of experts has compiled a list of top rated vacuums. We’ve selected products that are able to tackle any shape and size while also being proven reliable performers time after time with heavy use.

You can read also How To Drain Above Ground Pool Fastly Easy Methods


How often should I vacuum my above-ground pool?

Vacuum your pool once a week to keep it looking its best. Vacuuming will also remove any leaves or dirt from the floor, making sure that you can stay clean in there!

How do I vacuum my above ground pool without a skimmer?

Pool vacuums are a great way to get rid of pesky bugs and leaves from your pool. But what about when you have no skimmer? With just an affordable set-up, it’s easy for anyone with this problem.

Just use the hose connected inlet on Vacuum System products or connect directly into one if available at all–and watch as debris is sucked away by suction power alone.

Can you use a sand filter with a Summer Waves pool?

Your SFX Summer Waves pool can now operate with a sand filter pump by Polygroup! This adapter will also allow you to use the traditional RX ground water-poloNation, if that’s what suits your fancy.

How do I clean my above ground pool that has been sitting for a month?

You can use a leaf bagger and net to remove almost 99% of the organic debris from your pool. The best way is through this method, but you’ll also need some other equipment like pH stakes or shock treatments for when needed in order help keep up with all those pesky algae bloomers.