Best External Pool Vacuum Cleaner Handheld 2022

In this article, we will discuss how the best external pool vacuum can help save time by cleaning your entire yard while leaving you more free time to enjoy other parts of owning a pool.

Summer is in full swing and that means plenty of time by the pool. Keep your pool looking great all season long with an external pool vacuum cleaner. These cleaners attach to the side of your pool and allow you to easily clean the bottom and walls of your pool.

Plus, they’re handheld so you can take them wherever you go! Shop now and get ready for a fun summer. But for many people, it’s hard to keep up on all the tasks necessary to maintain their pools properly because they lack the right tools.



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Top External Handheld Pool Vacuums List

Image Product Brand Price
Instapark Betta Automatic Pool Cleaner Betta Automatic Instapark Check Price
HALF OFF Pond Vacuum Pond Vacuum HALF OFF Check Price
U.S. Pool Supply Leaf Canister Pool Cleaner Vacuum Leaf Canister U.S. Pool Supply Check Price
Poolmaster Deluxe Pool Vacuum Deluxe Poolmaster Check Price
Pentair Pool Pump Pool Pump Pentair Check Price
Kokido Above Ground Cleaner Above Ground Kokido Check Price
Poolmaster Magic Jet Spa Pool Vacuum Magic Jet Spa Poolmaster Check Price
Zodiac Vac-Sweep Pool Cleaner Vac-Sweep Zodiac Check Price
POOL BLASTER Battery-Powered, Pool Vacuum Scrub Brush Head POOL BLASTER Check Price

A properly maintained above-ground pool will be your best investment. However, if you have an automatic cleaner but no vacuum to keep it clean and healthy then cleaning the entire thing manually can take hours of scrubbing.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to swim in a clean pool? Pool vacuums are the answer. These small, portable devices can remove dirt and debris from your above-ground swimming area without having to drain or refill water levels–keeping them safe for use by children of all ages.

The best pool vacuum is a tough task to find. To help you out, I’ve compiled reviews on five of the most popular models and their main features that should be considered when choosing your new vacuuming machine for an above ground pool.

1- Instapark Betta Robotic Pool Cleaner

Instapark Betta Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner Solar Powered Pool Skimmer - Blue
Item Dimensions22 x 19 x 8
  • Instapark Pool Cleaner is the perfect choice for those who want to maintain a refreshing and clean pool, but don’t want to spend hours scrubbing or do it manually.
  • This product does all of the work for you with just one easy press – now your pool is as good as new.
  • The Instapark Pool Cleaner uses our patent-pending brushless motor technology that never needs to be cleaned or replaced.
  • It always gives you the perfect level of scrubbing on any type of pool surface, so you will never have to worry about too little or too much cleaning.
  • Simply press on the remote control and start enjoying your day.
  • The Instapark pool cleaner ensures your pool is always as inviting as it can be.
  • This handy tool possesses a top handle, making it easy to lift and empty the debris basket without removing the betta from the pool.
  • Get yours today and make vacuuming easier than ever before.


  • Large capacity debris basket
  • Unique wireless remote-control
  • Built-in battery provides


  • Good For floating Surface

2- HALF OFF CleanSweep PONDS Vacuum 

Item Dimensions16 x 16 x 25
  • Does your handicapped fish need some assistance getting rid of the muck and crud in his pond?
  • A new HALF OFF POND’S Vacuum maybe just. 1400 Watt motor with 5-foot suction depth.
  • Call today to secure yours. 
  • Halves off-time do it all for you.
  • This smart little vacuum is the hero of your household.
  • Its dual-chamber system increases suction and maximizes efficiency meaning no more fighting with vacuum cleaner installation like a dog-fight.
  • Makes clean up easy and only takes up minimal space since there’s no need to haul an extra car around town or carry around a massive unit throughout your house—
  • The half-off ponds provide full service in less than half the time and will do everything but get out from under you while you’re vacuuming.


  • Debris Collection Bag
  • Cleaning Nozzles
  • Intake Hose Extension Tubes


  • Vacuum fills the chamber the motor shuts off

3- External in-line Pool Leaf Canister Vacuum

U.S. Pool Supply Professional in-line Pool Leaf Canister with Large Plastic Mesh Basket & Mesh Bag - Fits 1-12” Swimming Pool Cleaner Vacuum Hose Sections - Skims Leaves, Prevents Filter Clogging
Item Dimensions15.47 x 7.2 x 6.65
Item Weight5 ounces
ManufacturerU.S. Pool Supply
  • Keep your pool clean and ready for use with this professional in-line leaf canister,
  • which features an easy to open cover that helps you get all the leaves and debris trapped inside. 
  • The lightweight design makes it easy to carry from one side of the pool to another. This top-quality product is durable and strong, 
  • Able to stand up to weather conditions, and even has a transparent body so it’s easier than ever before for you to see when the filter basket needs emptying – making upkeep effortless.
  • Finally, all the leaves are out of your pool using U.S. Pool Supply. Basically,
  • What you do is connect this baby up in-line to the vacuum hose that leads into your filter system and voila, no more leaves in the water.
  • It’s like vacuuming for ants — but without them crawling away before they can be sucked up by the vacuum cleaner.
  • Your outdoor living space just got a little bit cleaner once you made your purchase of the U.S. Pool Supply leaf canister.
  • Gone will be all those pesky leaves that were ruining your beautiful view with their ugly brown color and messiness. 
  • The brand new mesh filter bag has special filtering mechanisms that catch anything no matter how small or big, ensuring that all your foliage is out of sight and out of mind in seconds flat; worry-free nature time now awaits you on hot summer days.


  • Premium quality
  • Open screw-on lid
  • In-line leaf canister


  • For Small Pound

4- Poolmaster Deluxe Air Relief Pool Vacuum

Poolmaster 27402 Deluxe Air Relief Vinyl Liner Swimming Pool Vacuum
Model NameAir Relief Vinyl Liner
Item Dimension2.5 x 1.25 x 1.25
  • Every pool owner owes themselves to have one of these.
  • With the Deluxe nylon bristles along the perimeter and underside of the vacuum,
  • Stainless-steel tension spring handle, this pool vacuum is just all you need to keep your pools clean.
  • Whether it’s leaves or debris in your yard or blocks too big for a net – don’t worry. Now there is Poolmaster Pool Vacuum coming out to save the day with its efficient qualities.
  • Quick fix for clean pools. Give your pool a deep clean without breaking a sweat with this high-powered Poolmaster Pool Vacuum.
  • Compact and easy to store, you’ll never experience the headache of scrubbing again.
  • Simply plug it in and watch as the ingenious design naturally sucks up dirt from all over, no matter how inaccessible it may be.


  • Adjustable Air Relief
  • Easy To Submerge
  • Fits Most Standard Hoses


  • Not a leaf vac

5- Pentair Variable Speed Pool Pump

Pentair SuperFlo VS Variable Speed Pool Pump, 342001
  • This is the only pool pump with the ability to customize your water pressure. 
  • With three changeable speeds, you can now decide what your level of aggressiveness encompasses for a good swim. 
  • Sure – it’s not one of those old fashioned re-circulating pumps that sound like they’re gasping for their last breath every time,
  • Pentair wants to get you outside this summer.
  • The variable speed SuperFlo VS pool pump makes caring for your pool easy. 
  • Just down the switch, and let Pentair take care of the rest.


  • Easy To Install
  • Easy To Operate
  • Easy On Your Ears


  • Need Electricity

6- Skooba Above Ground Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Kokido Skooba Above Ground Pool Vacuum Cleaner
SizeAbove Ground pools
Item Dimensions16.14 x 4.61 x 5.5
  • Wait, can you put an Above Ground Pool Vacuum on top of your pool? Yup.
  • Skooba is the only vacuum that sits securely on top of soft-sided swimming pools like it’s made for it (it’s not). 
  • Say goodbye to hours wasted hosing down the inside and outside of your pool. 
  • No more unsightly dirt patches forming at water level.
  • Unclog random toys from the bottom with this handy 10ft telescopic pipe-like device.
  • Finally able to share what’s under your backyard all year long with friends and family who want to come over for a dip without noticing all those pesky icky things you’d rather they didn’t see.
  • Intended for pools with higher water flow and power,
  • The Skooba Above Ground Pool Vacuum Cleaner attaches directly to your pool’s in-line filtration system.
  • This makes cleaning a breeze. It includes a 16-ft pool vacuum hose,
  • 1 wide-mouth nozzle, 4 section cleaning pole, and connectors to make it compatible with most leading pool brands.
  • Extra-long pole reaches across your entire swimming area while easy connector clips attach multiple poles together for even coverage of deep end.
  • With a minimum flow rate of 500 gallons/hour and minimum pump power 45W, you can be sure there will be no dirt left behind when you have this machine handle the job.


  • Most leading pool brands
  • Attaches directly to your pool’s in-line filtration system
  • Simple construction


  • Ideal for use with soft-sided swimming pools

7- Poolmaster Black Magic Jet Spa Pool Vacuum

Poolmaster 28008 Black Magic Jet Spa and Swimming Pool Vacuum, Premier
Model NameMagic Jet Spa
StyleWithout Pole
  • This Poolmaster Pool Vacuum cleaner is the perfect thing for small pools, spas, and ponds.
  • Built with a 7-inch wide ABS body and handle for easy handling, this vacuum can handle just about any debris or dirt that might come its way. 
  • Say goodbye to the need of getting out the big cleanup cable because all you need is your trusty pool vacuum.
  • So, you’ve got an inground pool eh? Imagine the elaborate childhood fantasies of becoming an Olympian…swimming 2-3 hours a day? Sounds lovely.
  • Why not get that dream started now while you’re still young with Poolmaster’s new Pool Vacuum.
  • You’ll be able to use your time in the pool more productively than ever before.
  • This new vacuum allows swimmers to effortlessly remove some of that stubborn dirt and debris all without getting out of the water.
  • The four jets create powerful suction for easy removal of dirt and debris, including pesky leaves.
  • And since they are pulled through six inches at once, straining is reduced by up to 40%. 
  • A must-have garden accessory for any person who enjoys splashing around


  • Garden Hose Connection
  • Vacuum Hose Connection
  • Compact Size / Mighty Cleaner


  • Good for dirt

8- Zodiac TankTrax Pressure Pool Cleaner

Zodiac F5T Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 TankTrax Pressure Side Pool Cleaner
Size280 Model w/Trax
  • Get the power of a small vacuum cleaner on-demand with Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 TankTrax pressure-side pool cleaners.
  • Clear out that murky mess in your pool without bringing out the heavy machinery. “Kill the green, not your wallet.” 
  • Clears debris and leaves in all in-ground pools.
  • Requires a booster pump sold seperately.
  • Clean like a zodiac sign, one day at a time. Zodiac Pool Cleaner is your new astrological ally in the grueling task of keeping your pool sparkly and swimming-ready.
  • Say goodbye to grime and hello to great timing with this novel device that’s sure to make you look like a star.
Zodiac TankTrax Pressure vacuum Pool Cleaner


  • Powerful Debris Intake
  • Excellent Performance
  • Continuous Cleaning


  • Track keeps coming off

9- POOL BLASTER Water Tech Max Pool Cleaner

POOL BLASTER Water Tech Max HD Cordless Rechargeable, Battery-Powered, Pool-Cleaner with 10.5” Scrub Brush Head, Large Filter Bag, Ideal for In-Ground Pool and Above Ground Pools
Item Dimensions18.2 x 10.7 x 8.4
Item Weight8.15 Pounds
  • Everyone wants to have a clean pool. But pools are deep and many items can get stuck way at the bottom, so it’s tough to get them all out by hand.
  • That’s why Pool Blaster is the ideal solution—a safe alternative to harsh chemicals that never compromises on cleaning power.
  • Simply attach Pool Blaster to any standard extension pole,
  • Put your foot onto its conveniently placed foot pump and watch as it whizzes around your entire pool collecting everything in its wake.
  • Available now at a Special Price for a limited time only.
  • It always takes ages to clean the pool.
  • And then every time you need it, it’s too dirty. 
  • That’s why we created Pool Blaster-an an easy way to get your pool really clean in just minutes. 
  • The scrub brush vacuum head of the Pool Blaster Max HD gets all of that dirt out of your pool while still using 40% less power than a jet cleaner. 
  • Works like magic but without any hassle and expense.


  • Extra-High Capacity
  • Cord-Free & Hose-Free Convenience
  • Rechargeable Battery


  • No charging light indicator

Buyer Reviews


I recently purchased the mod 280 Trax which utilizes a rubber track around two larger wheels on one side, thus preventing any pool surfaces from touching it.

 I absolutely love it and coupled with my new booster pump this does an awesome job.

The battery in this cordless Dyson is more than enough to power my whole pool, even when I’m not at home. 

It’s saved me hours of work every week because all we need are these few minutes on our patio with drinks in hand before heading inside for dinner. The only thing that would make it better is if the charging port was easier accessible. you’ll have no problem checking connections once you know where they’re hidden ;

Bryan C

I am sure you’ve heard the saying “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Well, when it comes to cleaning and preserving your home we think that thinking ahead will help keep all areas in perfect shape.

 One way our company can do this for customers like yourself who love cleanliness on every level: We use an external drive wheel specifically designed with durable materials so there’s no risk involved.

The next time something happens where dust bunnies are more than just pesky little critters but rather potential ruinous liabilities from chewing up plaster edges or leaving deep scratches behind- Don’t hesitate; call today before disaster strikes again

I recently purchased the Mod 280 Trax, which is a great pool modder. It features an innovative design that will prevent you from unintentionally driving onto any surfaces and it comes with everything needed for installation.

Glammy TN

This is an amazing pool cleaner that I found on amazon.

 It cleans my husband’s old and dirty swimming hole in a few moments, leaving it sparkling clean.

carole a coman

The blue nozzle is so much easier than getting all the hose filled with water before attaching it to your pool’s suction outlet.

 It also has an on-board bag that catches any gunk from going downstream, which makes clean up even quicker.

 It’s so great not to have to worry about missing any dirt with this suction cup style attachment.Plus,

 you get an amazing selection of other tools in case your current one isn’t enough for all jobs – or if there are more pools than people who own vacuums 😉


The new Pentair Pool Pump system is designed to work efficiently and provide an easy installation process. There have been no issues with the system so far, which means that it should continue being reliable for years before needing another upgrade or replacement.


This is not a vacuum, it’s an amazing tool for cleaning pools of all sizes.

 I had the misconception that it was actually useful in vacuuming because when attached to my hose and pump filter system while connected with water streams from both sides along with its brushes which are designed perfectly enough so they can scour debris off any part or bottom portion of your swimming area–especially if you get green slime happening.

A strong pump is a key to filtering your pool efficiently.

 I recommend running it on a maximized electrical system for all of its power,

 but if you don’t have enough juice available in this realm then simply adding an extension cord will work just fine as well.

Nic review

I had to readjust my pool lights because they were flickering and found out the wiring issue and now they work great.

I finished checking up all of the necessary settings and plugging in power. 

There were no issues, so it looks like everything is working as expected.

The photo attached shows what max brightness will look like for each pool light (they’re actually pretty bright).

Installed super easy, easily install on the pool wall by drilling holes. 

The light is thin and lightweight with a beautiful design that complements any home’s exterior decor.

These lights can be used for both water safety or just adding some extra ambiance at night 

time – you’ll never want to go back once these babies are installed in your backyard swim zone.

Laura A. 

I bought the U.S POOL SUPPLY Professional In-line Pool Leaf Canister to go along with my XtremepowerUS Premium Automatic Suction Vacuum but realized that I needed something else after purchasing it–a canister filter.

The one thing these filters are good for is catching debris before they clog up your pump or vacuum hose, so be sure you buy one too if not already done.

This canister is a must for pool owners. It will save you time and allow cleaner water, so get rid of that dirty filter.

This product also works great because there’s no need to attach additional pieces on your vacuum hose – it connects directly from the top which makes opening up easy as pie.

 I went back twice after my first cleaning just in case anything had been missed while looking through the bag- but not even close did this thing look mucked up or dusty; 

everything was caught right away thanks again,” highlighted”

The debris collector comes equipped with its own storage container so all we have left do now


I’m so glad that I got the PondVac vacuum. This is an amazing machine for cleaning ponds.

 It has made my life a lot easier and it’s super simple to use, which makes clean-up time go by quickly (which also means less work.). The best part? ‘

You can take this anywhere without worrying about hurting plants or furniture because of its small size.”

I would never clean my ponds without this Vacuum again.

It only took a few minutes to clear out the leaves, dirt, and debris.

 Now I can enjoy nice fresh water for fish who don’t like stagnant pools of old stagnate pond-water

Sheela Haroun

We were getting flies and bugs in our pool, but now that the skimmer has cleared it all up we can enjoy swimming again. It’s so easy to use- just press on this red button until there are no more floating creatures around.

After I put the automatic pool cleaner back in its docking station, make sure to charge it before going in.

 It’s a good idea for me (or anyone) who is going swimming with children or pets too because if something gets stuck on there like leaves they can almost always be removed easily enough by hand but not when using an electric brush.

Buying Guide

Robotic Pool Vacuums

The robot pool cleaner is an independent device that may require installation.

 It has its own cord and water connection, so you don’t need to worry about anything else when it comes time for setup. The best part?

 These robotic vacs also come with filter bags so they can clean your whole space in no time flat while making sure every inch below surface level stays spotless too.


The pressure-side pool vacuum cleaner uses pressurized water from its powerful pump to clean out debris and dirt. These vacuums can work without backwashing, unlike robotic ones that need regular filter changes or cleaning in order for them operate efficiently at best levels of performance.


A suction pool cleaner is the best choice for those looking to clean their pools. 

They are connected directly to your pump and utilize a long hose with an attached skimmer,

 ensuring that it reaches every corner of even large watery compounds like deep end or shallow area where dirt can accumulate without being pulled in by other filters.


The battery-operated vacuums are usually lightweight and small,

 making them easy to carry. 

They also have no hose or cords which make cleaning quick without getting tangled up in any wires.

When the cleaner has a full charge it can last for 30 minutes before needing another recharge; some go as long 1 hour depending on how much dirt you’re pickling with your suction power (and what type).


Why is my pool dirty after I’ve vacuumed it?

If the water doesn’t have enough time to filter through all of its particles, it will appear dirty again.

The pool’s filtration system acts as both an attraction and cleaner for small bits that are kicked up by vacuums or other sources in your backyard environment – but only if this vital component functions correctly.

 If something goes wrong with one part (like a clogged filter) then dirt can return before you know what happened; luckily there is some preventative maintenance outlined below which may help keep things running smoothly at home:

Is it okay to leave a pool vacuum in the pool?

Some manufacturers design their vacuums to spend days at a time submerged in the pool.

 While this may shorten its lifespan due corrosion,

 it’s generally okay for certain models with timers since they are best suited when left on these settings and will not affect performance as much over shorter amounts of time.

Should I leave my pool vacuum in the pool all the time?

Leaving the cleaner in your pool 24/7 will increase its exposure to chlorine, which is a type of chemical. 

Over time these cleaners break down and their parts start discoloring due to corrosion from water pH levels changing over time as well;

 especially when left unattended like most people do.