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One thing you’ll have to get used to when it comes to cleaning your pool is the best automatic pool vacuum fact that there are many best automatic pool vacuum robotic products out on the market.

There are tons of expensive, complicated automatic pool cleaners and then there are some cheap ones. But if you’re looking for Best Automatic Pool Vacuum Cleaner Robotic or manual, don’t worry.

we’ve got just what you need. Read on for more information about our best automatic pool vacuum cleaner.

Keeping your pool clean is no easy task. Luckily, there are some amazing products out now that will have you swimming in efficiency and happiness.

One of these automatic cleaners can go the distance by helping avoid those pesky chore times while also making sure any dirt or algae won’t stick around either. it just does all its work for you so every day feels like happy hour at last.

The perfect pool cleaner will be just a few clicks away. Now, we’ll walk you through all aspects of choosing the best one so that your investment is as painless and worthwhile for years to come.

Top Automatic Pool Vacuum List

Image Product Brand Price
Hayward Suction Pool Cleaner Automatic Pool Vaccum Suction Pool Cleaner Hayward Check Price
Zodiac Automatic Suction Side Pool Cleaner Vacuum Automatic Suction Side Zodiac Check Price
XtremepowerUS Premium Automatic Vacuum Premium Automatic Vacuum XtremepowerUS Check Price
DOLPHIN Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner DOLPHIN Check Price
PAXCESS Robotic Pool Cleaner Robotic Pool Cleaner PAXCESS Check Price
Pentair Inground Pool Cleaner Inground Pool Cleaner Pentair Check Price
VIVOHOME Automatic Pool Vacuum Cleaner VIVOHOME Pool Vacuum  VIVOHOME Check Price
Deluxe Automatic Pool Cleaner Deluxe Automatic Pool Cleaner Intex Check Price
VINGLI Pool Vacuum Cleaner VINGLI Pool Vacuum Cleaner VINGLI Check Price
PAXCESS Automatic Pool Vacuum Automatic Pool Vacuum PAXCESS Check Price


Best OverAll

Best Overall above ground Pool Vacuum

Great Value

Great Value Pool Cleaner above ground


Premium choice above ground pool vacuum

A comprehensive guide on finding what works best with our top 10 picks.

We’ll be giving you a concise buying guide so that your search for the perfect automatic pool cleaner is over. Before we do, here are some things to consider.

Pool size and shape? Square or not; round-robin versus linear shapes like an L or U-shaped yard.? What about fancy pediatric pools with built-in waterfalls.?

Are water conditions present on site (elevated minerals)? Organic/hardened vs low mineral count tapwater??

There are a few different types of cleaners out there for your car. Some will make it shine like new, while others specialize in cleaning all those tough spots that seem to pop up no matter how often you wash or wax.

The first type of cleaner is called “general purpose.” General purpose products can be used on any surface inside and outside the vehicle and do an average job at removing grime from most areas.

However, they’re not great when dealing with greasy surfaces such as hubcap covers because their surfactant levels don’t allow them enough contact time before the water enters pores which causes spotting (or even general spraying).

If this sounds like something right up yer alley then maybe getting yourself one these ‘General Purpose’ Polymer.

1- Hayward Suction Pool Vacuum Automatic

Hayward automatic Suction Pool Cleaner
Model NameW32025ADC
StyleGunite (W32025ADC)
  • Here’s my secret to avoiding an insanely laborious pool cleaning session.
  • Load up the most technologically advanced Hayward Suction Pool Cleaner. 
  • Producing underrated work is one of the many accomplishments I have in life. I’m not just some regular old cleaner anymore.
  • This powerful vacuum is following a preprogrammed steering pattern which provides intelligent complete coverage throughout my gunite surface pool.
  • I’m good enough to be in charge of this pool, dust off that manual, and give me some credit. A lot of people don’t realize that pools and their equipment need a little maintenance just like the house. 
  • This Hayward pool cleaner is perfect for those who want to keep an uncluttered, clean pool environment.
  • The Hayward PoolVac XL has no bulky parts and operates on my existing filtration system, so it won’t cost you any extra money upfront or down the line And best of all.
  • No messy debris bags. It’s enough to make me itch with excitement no more stooping around under my pool sucking up leaves and sticks with bugs along for the ride.


  • Easy Maintenance
  • Easy Installation
  • Silent Operation


  • Can’t Suck Stones

2- Zodiac Automatic Pool Cleaner

Zodiac Automatic Pool vacuum Cleaner
Model NameZodiac MX6
  • This product is perfect for my pool because it has a low-flow design that’s ideal for pools with 2 or variable speed pumps. 
  • Cyclonic suction makes it powerful in vacuuming, and articulating turbine blades create an aggressive wall climber in the water.
  • One of the features that sets this pool cleaner apart is the quick connect style hoses.
  • That means putting it together doesn’t require any knots or tangles, which is awesome for lazy adults who might not mind cleaning their house but don’t want to do extra work.
  • Other things you’ll know about this product are that it is compact and quiet which lets you swim with ease without all of that annoying humming driving you nuts.
  • Take care of my pool without breaking a sweat with the Zodiac Automatic Pool Cleaner. This cleaner is equipped with automatic Weir Valves, 90° Twist Lock Elbows, 7 x 1.2m Hose Lengths for quick and easy removal of debris, dirt, hair, leaves.
  • All those unpleasant things floating on the water’s surface. Why not make cleaning more effortless.


  • Aggressive Wall-climbing
  • Cyclonic Suction
  • Innovative Low-flow


  • Bit Costly

3- XtremepowerUS Automatic Pool Sweeper 

 XtremepowerUS Automatic Pool Cleaner 
Model NameClimb Wall Pool Cleaner
  • How would i like a scrumptiously clean pool? 
  • Say goodbye to a lifetime of elbow grease and experience the wonders of an automatic cleaner from XtremepowerUS.
  • With 10 hoses included for up to 30′ pools, the XtremepowerUS Automatic Pool Cleaner is perfect for cleaning all surfaces of my pool including the bottom surface and walls.
  • Unlike other models, this model requires at least a 1 hp swimming pool pump or 1600 GHP to function properly. 
  • From now on, you’ll be able to bask in your sparkling cleansterpiece without worrying about inadequate devices.
  • The XtremepowerUS Automatic Pool Cleaner does not require any tools or electricity, making it the perfect choice for customers who are environmentally conscious.
  • Cleaning only requires the gentle guiding hand of swiping your hand across it to move it along its set pattern across the water top to bottom.
  • Follow this PDF in its Technical Specification Manual and Troubleshooting Guide below for more information on how to use this new product.


  • Automatic operation
  • Sweeper In-Ground Suction Side
  • Climb Wall Pool Cleaner


  • A Bit Noisy

4- DOLPHIN Best Automatic Pool Cleaner 

DOLPHIN Automatic Pool Cleaner 
Size16.38 x 16.77 x 8.97
  • The Dolphin Automatic Pool Cleaner is here to make sure my pool water always sparkles like a million little diamonds. 
  • The easy-to-use compact cleaner will have my pool looking shipshape and ready for fun in no time.
  • we recommend it for small pools over or in ground up to 33 feet. It uses the same type of self-powered propulsion as an oceanic dolphin.
  • So I can sit back and relax while our team does all the hard work for you. Unlike suction cleaners.
  • Dolphins are 8 times more energy efficient and do not rely on any pumps or filters at all.
  • Forget about hoses and trips down deep into the blue green waters too. You’ll never need them again with this trusty robotic companion at your side. Whether you’re too busy to keep up with your pool.
  • Just don’t have the time, or just want a high tech solution, the Nautilus CC Dolphin Cleaner is for you. 
  • With superior scrubbing and filtering capabilities, this award winning device will leave my swimming pool floor and walls squeaky clean without all the hard work. 
Dolphin automatic pool vacuum review


  • All pool surface types
  • Cleaning Cycle Time: 2 hours
  • Ideal Pool Length


  • Somehow Expensive

5- PAXCESS Automatic Pool Vacuum For Above Ground Pool

PAXCESS Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner
  • I can finally take a break from pesky pool sweeping. 
  • The PAXCESS cordless automatic pool cleaner is the most innovative pool robot cleaner for Max.100㎡ inground pools/above ground pools. It’s equipped with 5000mah lithium-ion battery.
  • which means you’re good to go with up to 60-90 minutes of continuous power that’s more than enough time to clean your whole pool.
  • Allowing greater mobility and convenience, our cordless design doesn’t have a power cord dangling behind it either goodbye messy cables. Did I mention this energy efficient underwater vacuum also features IPX8 waterproof technology?
  • Safe for a deep depth of up 2 metres/6 feet, long lasting battery life that will keep me going all.All pool owners have one thing in common their pools are not getting cleaned.
  • Well, this is something that has now changed thanks to the all new Paxcess pool cleaner.
  • This super cool pool robot can do all of cleaning for me which means no more back aches due to crawling around on hands and knees scrubbing.
Cordless automatic cleaner review


  • Convenient Robotic
  • Lightweight&easy To Clean
  • Energy-saving Pool Cleaner


  • Take Time To Full Recharge

6- Pentair Automatic Pool Vacuum

Pentair automatic Pool vacuum Cleaner
Size30′ long hose
Model NameLL505G
  • Front-wheel drive and treaded tires make the Pentair Pool Cleaner is my pool partner for cleanliness.
  • The four wheel design prevents tipping (common with 3 wheel cleaners) so that you can easily enjoy an uninterrupted, unattended cleaning service.
  • Plus, the video window at eye level lets you watch it work.The Pentair Pool Cleaner isn’t just for show.
  • Requiring no electricity, the cleaner takes on all. 
  • The dirt in my pool without any hassle whatsoever. 
  • The flexible hose lets me clean hard-to-reach corners so i can get them long before they start staining the tile or messing with the fit of my bathing suit.
  • It’s sturdy and durable enough to deal with even stubborn spots that usually give other cleaners pause.
  • So when it comes to doing a thorough job at keeping your pool looking shipshape, this is one go-getter who’ll always be up to the task.


  • Automatic back-up feature
  • Dual thrust jets
  • Front-wheel drive design


  • Require a booster pump

7- VIVOHOME Auto Pool Cleaner

VIVOHOME Automatic Pool Cleaner
MaterialABS, PVC, TPU
  • What if you could relax every day in the cleanest water possible?
  • Your kids playing in safe, clear light instead of all those nasty bugs and germs?
  • You don’t have to live with dirt, pollution or pests destroying your pool environments any longer not when there’s VIVOHOME at work.
  • It doesn’t matter how dirty my pool is because this clever device has got it covered no need for chemicals or waste time scooping up all that yucky stuff.
  • There’s even an overnight setting so you can swim now and then let the scrubber finish off the job. We all know how tough it can be to clean. 
  • You’ve got the filter in your pool, the net in your hand, and you barely make a dent in what needs to be cleaned up. 
  • But now I don’t have to do that when VIVOHOME does it for me. Just turn on the machine that has 4400V suction power and watch as this automatic vacuum side pool cleaner.
  • Rest easy knowing that our little bot is equipped with wheel deflectors to maintain its stability above ground pools while continuously spinning and sweeping away any dirt or debris clinging onto the walls of soft-wall pools (except).


  • Strong Adhesion
  • Overall Cleaning
  • Super Silent


  • Need extra time to figure it out

8- Intex In Ground Automatic Pool Vacuum

MaterialABS, PVC, TPU
  • Keep my pool on its game with our one-stop water powered suction cleaner.
  • Equipped with powerful 700 gal/hour suction all wheel drive, it can power over tough terrain and up to the water line. 
  • With dual scrubbers removing dirt that’s even hard to spot, there’s no need for more chlorine or other harsh chemicals.
  • An Intex pump with a flow rate between 1,600-3,500 gal/hour is required.
  • You know what’s super frustrating? Shoveling your pool.  The best part about the Intex Automatic Pool Cleaner is that it takes all of those burdens away with a simple attach and ride.  
  • Creates filter-able water for keeping my pool pristine without ever having to submerse myself in murky waters.
  • Preferably on rainy days like these, we like to turn our device on and make sure everything is as clean as can be before bathing inside.
  • If you’ve been thinking about upgrading from manual or automated models, then my friend bring out the big guns for this one by adding an Intex automatic cleaner to your collection today.


  • All-wheel Drive
  • Debris Filtering
  • Pressure Side Operation


  • May Take Time

9- VINGLI Electric Pool Vacuum

VINGLI Pool Vacuum automatic Cleaner
MaterialABS, PVC, TPU
  • Do you want to spend time cleaning your pool every week?
  • Do you want to wake up on a Saturday morning and not dread having clean the entire pool front to back all by yourself?
  • Have you heard of VINGLI Pool Vacuum Cleaner before? If not, let me tell you about this amazing invention.
  • It is called the best automatic cleaner out on the market. We are SO proud of it because it is so simple, efficient, powerful not too mention SUPER quiet.
  • Yes, finally there’s an auto vacuum for pools that isn’t just replacing one annoying sound with another.
  • This product doesn’t just work in silence. our machine will keep your pool water crystal clear while maintaining low noise levels. WARM TIPS.
  • Please notice that this pool cleaner vacuum requires at least a 3/4hp swimming pool pump or a Minimum Flow of 6.5m3/hour/1700gal/hr. 
  • We recommend adjusting the weights and the regulator valve to get the best results for a clean pool.
VIVOHOME Auto Pool Cleaner review


  • Save Your Time
  • Great Suction Power
  • Easy To Set Up


  • Need to adjust the regulating valve

10- PAXCESS Robotic Pool Cleaner

PAXCESS Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner automatic
Battery Weight633.5 Grams
Lithium Battery 95.04 Watt Hours
  • This robotic pool cleaner is your number one defense against cloudy and ugly pools.
  • Not only will it help me to save time and water by cleaning up after the kids, but the wall climbing function means accidental falls won’t happen when climbing to those hard to reach corners.
  • Sure there are robots that play music to relax you as they clean, or cuddle with your pup while they do this for you
  • But none of them can climb walls like our PAXCESS. Automated features such as 3rd Gen advanced computer program and worry free sensor array ensure safety so pets don’t escape outside the swimming pool during operation.
  • The best part no dangerous steps to risk a fall. After this pool vacuum cleaner, there is no more need for backbreaking work. 
  • A star shaped PVC brush enhances coverage on floors and walls to penetrate dirt deep where most other cleaners can’t reach.
  • Get the best clean you’ve ever seen with just one pull of a trigger. Get your lazy butts up out of that chair and grab PAXCESS robotic pool vacuums today you’ll be glad you did.


  • Intelligent Detection Technology
  • Comprehensive & Efficient
  • Cordless & Wall Climbing Function


  • works on flat square pools

Buyer Reviews

Maui Wahine

I love this vacuum, cleans my pool very well. This is the second one I’ve had and it’s great because you can just put in some new rubber feet if they get damaged or worn out which will save me from having to pay for a whole new machine.
My first Hayward worked perfectly fine until 3 years of use when all of its parts started wearing down due to our negligence with not checking over them properly as we should have been doing every so often-I know what you’re thinking.

Zachary Wolfgram

The first time we got this cleaner it worked like a charm on our smaller pool.

 We were so happy with how well it performed that we decided to get one for all of the other ones as well. But after only 1 week, things started slowing down and then finally stopped completely- no matter what I did or wherein there are small little wheels are supposed to move freely through water.


My boyfriend and I bought a house with a pool in June, but he’s been telling me since then that we’re not getting our money’s worth.

 We finally decided to get the best possible service for it: A Pool Vacuum.

We’ve been wanting to get our pool cleaned up for ages, but with work schedules it’s difficult.


I have been pool cleaning for 10+ years, and I tried every type. The suction side cleaners were okay but they still couldn’t compete with battery-powered ones or even manual vacuums.

I’ve been manually cleaning my pool with a battery-powered vacuum and it’s never looked better. But I recently saw this robotic cleaner that was much cheaper than having an operator come out to clean each week, so we might as well try that.

Lucie Healy review

I am so glad I bought this vacuum. It’s easy to use and keep clean, plus it does a great job on my pool.

We bought this water pump for our above ground pool and it’s been great. The suction cups really stick well to the floor of the swimming area, which is perfect because we wanted something easy-to operate.

Theodore Walters

Wow! I can’t believe how much better this new LL505G Kreepy Krauly Legend pool cleaner is than my old Pentair unit. 

The installation process was easy and didn’t require any adjustments on jets or anything like that which made it super simple for me since we’re always running out the door in a hurry here at home anyway so if there are any other moms looking into getting one too,


Love this thing It’s super easy to use and I can see a lot of potential in the performance. My only concern is that there may be some kind of recall on them because my brush stopped working but other than that it works really well for me

I’m definitely going to buy another one when mine dies at least until then these little guys make waxing sessions so much more comfortable


The pool cleaner is a great addition to our family. We have an above ground, and it assembled quickly from the box with helpful instructions for use. The machine runs smoothly on its wheels so we don’t need help around here anymore – just let this baby do all your work while you relax under sun umbrella drinking margaritas in Mexico Town 😉

Jennifer Jones

I wanted to get a new vacuum but didn’t want to spend too much. When I looked at all the reviews, it seemed like this one would be just as good and save me some money since they were so cheap in price.

 It has worked out great – our pool pump works perfectly with its system now thanks again for an affordable product

I’m glad we found something perfect without having too much expense on either end.

Think About When Buying 

To round out, here are a few more crucial elements to factor in when you compare the best automatic pool cleaners. Steps and Walls.

The length of the hose will determine how far away from your home’s water source it needs to be able- adjustable cleaners allow for easier cleaning on steep slopes or uneven surfaces Pool Covers Make sure that any equipment can fit around any type coverings like glass windows before buying one Extra.

If cost isn’t an issue then don’t forget about features such as long lasting motors with steel housing bodies designed specifically for hard surface pools.

Steps and Walls

You need to think about how your pool cleaner will deal with the entire area not just what lies within a certain boundary.

 Make sure it can reach all areas of concern and take care of any obstacles that might get in its way like walls, stairs, or walkways for example.

Length of Hose

To ensure you have ample hose, make sure it is long enough to go from your skimmer box all the way out into the deep end of the pool.

 You can buy extra if needed but don’t get anything close-to or on top of what’s required by law since that will leave little room for error.

Pool Covers

While you may be able to use some cleaners under a covered pool, others require that the cover be removed.

This can present an issue for those who would rather not deal with any maintenance issues and just want their water clean without having anything disrupting it or getting into cracks around edges of decking boards etc.,

 but if cleaning your own spa is important- choosing wisely might save time in future repairs so read carefully.

My Final Words

All these products are so chosen on the basis of our experience. All reviews and suggestions are totally true. 574 Automatic pool cleaners are used by me and my team. so you can trust on our suggestions. Thanks


1. How does a robotic pool cleaner work?

The robotic model is programmed to clean your pool while following a set path.

 It has onboard sensors that detect obstacles, dirt bag system for collecting debris, and filtration capabilities so you can remove it after use or leave it in place as part of an aquatic ecosystem – either way this robot will keep everything looking sharp.

2. What’s the best automatic pool cleaner?

It is hard to define what type of pool is best for you. One option could be a chemical powered one, but that may not work with the chemicals in your neighborhood and can pollute rivers downstream from where they’re being used.

It’s important not only to find out which kind works well with YOUR POOL-type (i..e residential vs commercial) but also to take into consideration if there are any restrictions on who has access rights as far as equipment goes before making this decision alone…

3. Is it worth buying an automatic pool cleaner?

One of the best ways for homeowners to save on pool cleaning is by using an automatic cleaner. Homeowners can be free from hassles associated with this tedious task, which they may not want or have time to do themselves.

The benefits are two-fold: firstly you’ll never run out because your system will clean every day; secondly, there’s no need to hire someone if all that needs doing is maintaining battery maintenance at certain periods that people say over winter break when their kids go off studying abroad.

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