Best Pool Vacuum Rechargeable 2022

I’m going to share with you my best pool vacuum rechargeable that will make quick work of all those leaves on the bottom of your pool. No more hours spent struggling with a regular old manual pool skimmer.

There’s no need to wait any longer. Summer fun starts now. Pool season is officially upon us. If you’re itching to get out there and enjoy the sunshine but dread the idea of manually cleaning your pool, then this post is for you.

Top Best Pool Vacuum Rechargeable List

Image Product Brand Price
cordlessblower Catfish Cordless  Pool Blaster Check Price
cordlessblower Rechargeable Vac  Pool Blaster Check Price
cordlessblower Rechargeable Spa  Intex Check Price
cordlessblower Handheld Pool Cleaner Pool Blaster  Check Price
cordlessblower Commercial Pool Cleaner  Pool Blaster Check Price
cordlessblower Water Tech Pool Blaster  Check Price
cordlessblower Robotic Vac  Careshine Check Price
cordlessblower Smart Vac PAXCESS Check Price

You have this daydream about your favorite pool that pops up every winter. You’re lounging on the sun-warmed tiles, sipping an ice cold beverage and feeling like you could be in Hawaii any second now; but there are responsibilities too – keeping it clean is one of them

I’m sure we can all agree with how amazing summertime feels: drinking by the water while taking advantage of warm weather (or using chlorine pools if they don’t allow pets).

1- POOL BLASTER Catfish Pool Vacuum

ColorWhite, Blue
  • Looking for an easy and convenient way to keep your pool clean?
  • Look no further than the Pool Blaster Catfish Ultra Cordless Pool Vacuum.
  • This top-of-the-line pool vacuum is hose-free and cord-free, making it easy to use and store.
  • It’s also powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, so you can enjoy 45 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning time. 
  • And thanks to its lightweight design, the Catfish Ultra is perfect for regular cleaning and vacuuming spots that are unreachable for automatic cleaners.
  • With the POOL BLASTER Catfish Ultra Cordless Pool Vacuum, you can powerfully deep clean your pool without having to lug around a heavy machine. 
  • This vacuum features a high-performance Water Tech P20 motor for serious suction, as well as a reusable X-Treme Multilayer Filter Bag to trap all kinds of debris.
  • The wide head with brushes and crevice tool is also perfect for gently scrubbing any pool finish. 
  • And don’t worry – this vacuum comes with a 4-piece pole set so you can use it with any standard telescopic pool pole.


  • Best Rechargeable Pool Cleaner
  • Efficient Hoseless Cleaning
  • Lightweight


  • pole not included in Order, may purchase seprate.

2- POOL BLASTER Rechargeable Battery Pool Cleaner

POOL BLASTER Water Tech Catfish Rechargeable, Battery-Powered, Swimming Pool Cleaner, Ideal for Hot Tub and Spa Cleaning, In-Ground and Above Ground Pool Steps Cleans Dirt, Sand & Silt and Leaves
Model NameCatfish
Above Ground
  • Ready for a quick and easy clean? 
  • The POOL BLASTER by Water Tech will make short work of any cleaning job, big or small. No hoses or cords necessary. 
  • Just pop in a rechargeable lithium ion battery and you’re good to go. 
  • Perfect for in-ground, soft-sided, and above ground pools like Intex.
  • The POOL BLASTER Water Tech Catfish is the perfect tool for keeping your pool clean.
  • This versatile cleaner includes a removeable 7.5” vacuum head with general cleaning or simple remove to expose nose cone head for hard to get areas.
  • The Catfish captures a variety of debris such as acorns, twigs, leaves, dirt and sand.
  • The lithium ion battery powered Catfish runs up to 45 minutes.


  • For Sand & Silt
  • Spa Cleaning
  • Ideal for Hot Tub


  • Not quite as robust

3- Intex Best Rechargeable  Pool Vacuum

Intex Rechargeable Spa Pool Vacuum
Model NameHandheld
  • Looking for an easy way to keep your pool clean?
  • Look no further than the Intex 28620EP Handheld Rechargeable Spa Pool Vacuum. 
  • This handy tool comes with two interchangeable brush heads, a USB cable for recharging, and a lightweight telescoping aluminum shaft – making it easy to reach all corners of your pool. 
  • Plus, the SHAFT adapter lets you fit the vacuum to longer or wider telescoping aluminum shafts for extra reach. 
  • So don’t waste another minute – order your Intex 28620EP Handheld Rechargeable Spa Pool Vacuum today.
  • Who says vacuuming has to be a chore? Not with the Intex Handheld Pool Vacuum.
  • This lightweight and easy-to-use device makes it simple to clean your pool without having to go through the hassle of getting wet.
  • Plus, its automatic shutoff feature ensures safety while in use. 
  • So dive into cleaning your pool with the Intex 28620EP Handheld Pool Vacuum.


  • Brush Heads
  • USB Cable
  • Rechargeable Ni-MH Battery


  • Not being a burden to use

4- Pool Blaster Max Pool-Cleaner

Model NamePulse
  • Introducing the Pool Blaster Max, the cord-free and hose-free pool cleaner that goes where other automatic cleaners cannot.
  • With its whole-pool heavy-duty cleaning power and high-capacity debris chamber, it’s perfect for any sized pool. 
  • Engineered with a powerful Water Tech P30 motor, it quickly cleans dirt and debris from any surface.
  • You thought having to get down on your hands and knees was the only way to get out all that grimy dirt stuck in your pool?
  • Well, think again. Introducing Pool Blaster Max Cordless Rechargeable Battery-Powered Pool Cleaner. 
  • This high power cordless rechargeable battery powered pool cleaner will do all of that hard labor for you while it cleans your finest clean pool filter surfaces with up to 60 minutes of run time between charges.
  • It doesn’t matter what you are vacuuming either. 
  • Whether its mild dirt or heavy mud, don’t worry about getting any on yourself with this machine because every thing is sucked right up through the reusable multilayered filter bag which traps all types of debris –


  • Inground & Above Ground Pools
  • Large Debris Capacity
  • Pool Vacuum with Pole Set


  • Outer tubes not deep enough

5- POOL BLASTER Pro Commercial Pool Cleaner

POOL BLASTER Pro 900 Cordless Commercial Pool Cleaner, Heavy Duty Power, Interchangeable Batteries, Up to 2 Hour Runtime, best Rechargeable Hoseless pool Vacuum for Inground & Above Ground Pools, by Water Tech
StyleIn Ground
  • Pool Blaster Pro 900 Pool Cleaner is a powerful cordless pool cleaner that will have your swimming pool looking the best it could possibly be, no matter how dirty.
  • With 1800 watts of power and interchangeable batteries, this pool blaster has enough battery life to last up to one hour before needing a recharge. 
  • It also includes two high capacity debris chambers which clean dirt and debris at extreme depths with heavy-duty suction power.
  • Plus, The adjustable hydro tabs guide wear-and-tear out of sensitive internal parts for peak performance. 
  • Don’t despair if you don’t want to go through all that hassle; just hold down the trigger on your Pool Blaster Pro 900 Commercial Pool Cleaner, Point it towards where you need it.
  • The POOL BLASTER Pro 900 is a great alternative to a pressure cleaner.
  • It comes with a “crevice head” that reaches all the way out to pool walls and even under stairs, plus three filter bags for trapping debris without all the extra hose work of standard cleaners. 
  • And yes – this cordless cleaner can easily attach to any standard telescopic pool pole so you don’t have to lug around your arm-filled pole from poolside over to the other side of the pool when you need move from one area of cleaning surface.
  • The handheld design means no need for an extension in order finish cleaning in a matter of minutes. Just plug in and press start then let go.


  • Commercial Pool Cleaner
  • Up to 2 Hour Runtime
  • Interchangeable Batteries


  • Pole may buy seprately

6- POOL BLASTER Cordless Rechargeable Battery Powered Pool-Cleaner

POOL BLASTER Water Tech Max HD Cordless Rechargeable, Battery-Powered, Pool-Cleaner with 10.5” Scrub Brush Head, Large Filter Bag, Ideal for In-Ground Pool and Above Ground Pools
Above Ground
Item Dimensions18.2 x 10.7 x 8.4
  • A POOL BLASTER Water Tech Max HD Cordless Rechargeable, Battery-Powered, captures dirt and debris without a hose.
  • Imagine vacuuming your pool without bending down. This whole-pool heavy-duty cleaner reaches all the way to the bottom of any sized pool for deep cleans with less emptying.
  • A built in P30 motor provides powerful enough suction across any type of pool – an essential tool for every winterizing process.
  • The POOL BLASTER Water Tech Max HD Cordless Rechargeable, Battery-Powered is the ultimate friendly pool cleaner for your average backyard. 
  • With 10.5” Vacuum Head & Crevice Nozzle and easy operation, the battery power lasts up to 60 minutes so you can get in a lot of cleaning without needing another charge.
  • Blaster automatically self-adjusts water current levels allowing it to work with any sized pool or spa – no more “babysitting” a pool cleaner. 
  • The reusable Multilayered Filter Bag allows for all types of debris – leaves, twigs, acorns and fine dirt – to be captured before they enter your water column which is great for anyone who.


  • Large Filter Bag
  • 10.5” Scrub Brush Head
  • Commercial


  • Take Care of overcharging

7- SMONET Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner

Cordless Automatic Pool Cleaner, IPX8 Waterproof Strong Suction Rechargeable Lightweight Pool Cleaners Robotic Vacuum with 60 Mins Run Time for Above Ground & Inground Swimming Pools
Package13.89 x 13.43 x 8.46
Item Weight8.12 pounds
  • Keep your pool clean and clear all season long with the SMONET Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner.
  • This easy to use cleaner requires no hose connection or pump, and works alone – just turn it on and wait for it to sink to the bottom. 
  • With a built-in 4000mAh lithium battery, it provides 60 minutes of continuous cleaning time, and can be easily charged using a standard 110v outlet.
  • Looking for an efficient and easy to use robotic pool cleaner? 
  • Look no further than the SMONET Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner
  • This powerful cleaner has a 180µm filter and four brushes that easily collects debris from your pool. 
  • The filter tray is easy to clean, just rinse it off with a garden hose. 
  • It’s safe for all types of pools, including concrete, fiberglass, and vinyl liner pools.
  • Fewer chemicals means cleaner water that’s safe for swimming. 
  • And with the SMONET Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner, you can find your perfect pool day faster than ever before. With 60 liters of robust cleaning power per minute,
  • These clever cleaners are made to remove even the tiniest bits of leaves and other debris from your awesome day in the sun or splashing around with family and friends around. 
  • So no more scrubbing the walls yourself. But don’t worry because this awesome little robot will do all of it for you while you kick back 
  • And enjoy a cold cocktail by one of its coolest features is that it scoops up small pieces of trash like sand.


  • Cordless Automatic
  • Greater mobility
  • 60 Mins Run Time


  • Can’t Climb on Steps

8- PAXCESS Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

PAXCESS Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner
Model NameHJ1103
  • Keeping the water in your pool clean is simple with Paxcess cordless automatic pool cleaner, an innovative cleaner that cleans Max.
  • Inground or above ground pools with its superior filter and powerful suction for thorough cleaning. 
  • Equipped with two large suction doors, one bottom brush, and deflector to trap pesky leaves and dirt, 
  • ou can say goodbye to worrying about hooks or steps getting caught on the vacuum while it sits at the side of your pool.
  • Creative: When life’s stress starts adding up weariness soon follows suit so catch some well-deserved rest without stepping foot in a tub.
  • The PAXCESS HJ1103 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner will get rid of all those pesky grit.
  • Take your pool-cleaning to the next level with this innovative robotic pool cleaner. 
  • It makes getting in and out of the water easier, is easy on all types of flooring, has an extra-long rechargeable battery life, 
  • can turn inside holes into clean ones, scrub walls for a good job well done.


  • Smart Navigation
  • Large Capacity Battery
  • Convenient for women and the elderly


  • Not for cleaning side wall or stairs

Buyer Reviews

Mike Forbes

The Bissell ProHeat 2X™ Pet Hard Floor Cleaner is the best product I have ever used for my dog’s shedding skin. It cleans extremely well and leaves her with clean fur that lasts. The battery life of this machine also exceeded expectations – 

it only takes 90 minutes to do all floors, but she can go on dirty surfaces without needing another charge because there are two tanks inside which means you don’t need keep stopping every few minutes.

If your pet has been crawling around or rolling over things they shouldn’t be able too (I know our little guy sometimes likes tasty treats).

The most surprising thing about owning one? This cleaner comes preprogrammed.

Chris Borders

The one day we had a hard time keeping our pool clean, but didn’t want to dump 200-250 gallons of water each time. We saw the bill which made us think if it was worth getting something like this and definitely got what most people would call “the price”.

The video shows how easy it is in tub testing out if they work as advertised – once submerged, these devices spin at different speeds allowing vacuum force from both directions keep things moving smoothly across any surface.

Bailey Rose

So I got this to clean up all the pesky debris that settles at my pool’s bottom. It was a life-changing purchase. I only wish it came with me from day one. The first time using it, 20 minutes later there were no more bugs or leaves insight.

everything had been sucked up by its 2 included brush heads and disposed of responsibly outside according to manufacturers instructions. And even though you need batteries for these babies too. luckily rechargeable ones are sold cheaply nowadays.

Jason review

This tool has been a game changer in my pool care. I had dirt that my $850 robot could not pick up, and this little miracle machine saved me.

It is perfect for in ground pools with soft or clay surfaces; it makes quick work out of cleaning them when you’re sick an tired of scrubbing away at the sides by hand.

Presley Amick

I highly recommend this vacuum to anyone with well water. It’s great for After vacuuming your carpets, I took a before and after photo so you can see how much of an improvement there was on the black marks from coal-fired power plants.

Caley G

This is so much better than hauling lots of hose to the pool. Smaller, more compact and effective. The only con I have found so far is that there’s not enough space for debris bags but.

They are easily emptied out when you need them again which saves me from having extra stuff gathering on top where it isn’t needed or wanted by either myself.

Things to consider when shopping for the best pool vacuum

The history of pool vacuums is a long and complicated one, with different types being invented as early as the late 1800s. In fact – manual pools were not cleaned through vacuum until the 1950s. That’s almost 75 years ago now that we’re talking about here; plenty can happen in such an amount time period to change everything up though right?

These days there are many options for those who enjoy keeping their swim spaces clean either by themselves or hiring someone else do it instead.

What kind of pool you have, how big it is and what your schedule are will help determine which one is best for you. A manual or automatic? Portable or large enough that it could stay in place all summer long.

It’s also important to think about whether this item simply helps clean up any dirt around the edges when not using its primary function (e.g., cleaning), but rather if they’re designed primarily as cleaners with other features thrown into them just because — these considerations ultimately lead me down my shopping list below:

Do we need something light-weight/portable like an Electric Side Elf named “Suction Joe” deals out some serious suds

Do you have an above-ground pool?

The perks of an above ground pool vacuum are many. For one, they cost less than their inground counterparts and can go as deep into the water which means that if your pool has a deeper end (more than 4 feet or so), this type is for you.

The downsides however include not being able to get as far down with dirt/soil because it’s shallower but also having Other Concerns With Inground Pool Vacuum

The main downside comes from trying out different cleaners since some people have concerns about going too fast when using these vacuums on their own tiles- often leading them towards anxiety attacks due unknown reasons why  correlate directly back.


How long does a pool vacuum last?

The lifespan of a pool vacuum depends on many factors, including its quality and care. A more expensive model will usually last five years while cheaper ones only make it through two seasons before they need to be replaced with new models that have been professionally installed by our team at Vacuum Technology Solutions LLC

A durable one can go up as high as 15-20yrs but look out for those who abuse their equipment because this could drastically reduce its longevity – some even living less productive lives.

Are robotic pool cleaners worth the money?

For those who are not satisfied with their pool’s appearance, here’s an option that could save you time and money. A robotic cleaner will handle every last piece of debris in your swimming area while scrubbing tiles clean along the way. It might take up to five or even eight years before they need replacement too.

Do you really need a pool vacuum?

If you’re reading this article (and have made it this far), chances are that a pool vacuum is something of interest for your home. The answer to the question “do I need one?” comes down largely on what kind of standards and environment you live in.

whether or not spotless cleanliness matters most, how often do people use their pools… These considerations will help shape decisions about which type/brand might be right fit when considering if investing $200-$500 into purchasing an effective device like our Amazon exclusive ebook says truly pays off.

If there isn’t anything else keeping us busy today – let’s get start by taking care.