Best Pool Vacuum Pole 2022

Every pool owner knows that without a Telescopic Pole, they can’t make use of their net and brush or vacuum cleaner. This makes it easy for them to access places that would otherwise be difficult to reach with just one pole- which is why we recommend getting one. 

Pool poles typically come at an extendable length so you’ll always have the right size handy when needed; these cleaners also take up little space once stored after use (folding down into quarters).







A telescopic rod is adjustable in length and angle. This makes it possible to work around corners, reach every difficult area of your home with ease.

Some models also offer a freely-adjustable range so you can adjust easily from one end or another when tight spaces arise – avoiding back pain along the way too.

Image Product Details   Price
POOLWHALE 10.5 Foot Premium Aluminum Telescopic Swimming Pool Pole Pool Pole POOLWHALE  Check Price
U.S. Pool Supply Professional 15 Foot Blue Anodized Aluminum Telescopic Swimming Pool Pole, Adjustable 3 Piece Expandable StepUp Attach Connect Skimmer Nets, Rakes, Brushes, Vacuum Heads with Hoses Vacuum Heads U.S. Pool Supply Check Price
Telescopic Pool Pole Unlimited Free Replacement Pool Cleaning Tool Pool Cleaning Tool ProTuff Check Price
Aqua Select Heavy Duty Telescopic Twist Lock Swimming Pool Vacuum Pool Vacuum Pole Aqua Select Check Price
CKE Upgraded 12 Foot Thicken 1.3mm Blue Aluminum Telescoping Swimming Pool Pole Pool Pole CKE Check Price
Upgraded Professional 16 Foot Swimming Pool Pole Telescopic Aluminum Vacuum Head Brush Cleaning Heavy Duty Vacuum Head Cleaner Vikii Check Price
Aquatix Pro Swimming Pool Pole Vacuum Heads and Brushes Pool Pole Vacuum Aquatix Pro Check Price
YEECHUN Professional 15 Foot Swimming Pool Pole Telescopic Aluminum Fits Pool Net Skimmer Rake Vacuum Head Brush Cleaning Equipment Heavy Duty Vacuum Heads and Brushes Vacuum Heads YEECHUN  Check Price
Aqua Select 6-18 Foot Telescoping Pool Vacuum Pole Heavy Duty Aluminum Pole for Leaf Skimmers Pool Vacuum Pole Aqua Select Check Price
POOL BLASTER Catfish Ultra Cordless Pool Vacuum Pole Set Lightweight & Efficient Hoseless Cleaning of Inground & Above Ground Pool Rechargeable Pool Cleaner Pool Vacuum Pole POOL BLASTER Check Price

1- POOLWHALE Pool Pole Vacuum Heads

POOLWHALE Pool Pole Vacuum Heads
Package Dimensions17.5 x 5 x 3 inches
Item Weight1.75 pounds


  • POOLWHALE is a 10.5 foot upgrade from your typical telescopic pole, allowing you to survey the entire length of the pool at once and scrub stubborn spots more easily.
  • Cleaning and maintaining your pool no longer means hauling around a bucket of questionable water or taking up all day reaching for that pesky corner filter clamp – POOLWHALE lets you clean anything—anywhere without wasting time on pesky stairs.
  • Plus it’s backed by Aluminetrex+, so not only is this sturdy aluminum ‘whale perfect for amateurs or professionals alike, but it can handle even the toughest of grease, grime and leaf piles…making cleaning easy as pie (or dolphin).
  • Nobody ever feels like cleaning the pool, whether it’s due to the fact that they don’t know how or what’s even in there.
  •  But if you own a POOLWHALE 10.5 Foot Premium Aluminum Telescopic Swimming Pool Pole, this won’t be an issue.
  • With 8 pieces that easily connect together, this telescopic extendable swimming pool pole will make all lightening quick work of any dirty water on the patio. 
  • And with its twin rubber coated handle cams, giving you a firm grip while performing hard-to-reach tasks is no longer an impossible dream. 
  • Once your “honey do” list is done for the day, collapsing into 1 ft 5 inchs when retracted so it can conveniently store with ease.

2- U.S. Pool Supply Pool Pole Vacuum Heads

U.S. Pool Supply Pool Pole Vacuum Heads
Package Dimensions67 x 3.2 x 1 inches
Item Weight2.15 pounds
ManufacturerU.S. Pool Supply
  • When a swimming pool becomes a disaster, there is only one man for the job. 
  • Clear that clogged drain or muck out those leaves with this 15 foot telescopic pole from US Pool Supply. 
  • Durable and sturdy professional grade aluminum meets heavy duty cleaning needs with its blue anodized exterior and ribbed finish. 
  • Telescoping from 5 feet to 15 feet, this 3 piece pole will stand up to even the most stubborn of grime-filled pools. Reach deep into corners or high on walls using Dual Sink Safe guards on each leg of your telescopic rod. 
  • When you’re looking for a pole that is reliable and easy to use, the U.S. Pool Supply Professional 15 Foot Blue Anodized Aluminum Telescopic Swimming Pole with Slip Resistant Locking Cams will not disappoint. 
  • With a universal size attachment at one end and a length-locking mechanism on the other, this telescoping pool professional accessory will have your back.


carol Brasington: No need to worry about the quality of this product. It’s a great deal and so easy.

3- ProTuff Telescoping Pool vacuum Cleaner

ProTuff Telescoping Pool vacuum Cleaner
Product Dimensions101 x 3 x 3 inches
Item Weight4 pounds
ManufacturerProTuff Products


  • When you’re looking for a durable solution to creating the perfect outside environment, turn to the ProTuff 16 ft Telescoping Pool.
  • Whether you need a rooftop pool or just outdoor fun, this telescoping pool from now on will have your needs covered with its innovative design and ability to be disassembled into six easy-to-transport pieces.
  • “Lock Right” spring loaded ring-pin locking technology, which outperforms traditional twist lock mechanisms of other aluminum telescopic swimming pool poles. 
  • Like having the choice of using an umbrella, extendable canopy or beach cabana. 
  • But instead of three to choose from, ProTuff has 16 ft options for all conditions and moods. 
  • From the “party bus” style that can be cut up into sections to darken your living room garden oasis, the whole family will love this poolside luxury day after day.


Billieg: I have had an in-ground swimming pool for almost 30 years now. During that time I’ve gone through 5 Pool Poles, but the ProTuff is by far my favourite. It was great to use today when skimming leaves from all around – no bent poles or anything like before thanks to their durable construction design. 

4- Aqua Select Heavy Duty Pool Vacuum

Aqua Select Heavy Duty Pool Vacuum


Item Weight4 pounds
ManufacturerAqua Select
  • When you’re ready to clean your pool, this is the pole for the job.
  • What are you waiting for? Your pool’s bound to be ready before you are.
  • Spring is just around the corner, but you’re not quite ready to get your pool clean. Automatic pool cleaners are good tools, but what about that pesky bottom of the liner? You need a tool for that too.
  • Enter Aquasect Heavy Duty Telescopic Twist-Lock Swimming Pool Vacuum Pole. 
  • What sets this product apart from any other cleaning pole out there right now? Umm…that would be rubber coating on the handle and locking cams so it does NOT slip out of your hands while vacuuming.
  • It also locks in place after adjustment to ensure it doesn’t slam into things while moving around.


Kevin Finney: Vacuuming pools just got a lot shorter with the Aqua Select Heavy Duty Telescopic Twist-Lock Swimming Pool Vacuum Pole! The telescoping pole has a twist lock extender that locks it in place for extending upward up to 6 feet. This means you can vacuum your 24-foot pool from outside of either edge – no more climbing in and out of the pool or wet, sloppy vacuuming. Plus, being 6 feet long means you can get around all those hard-to-reach spots inside your deep end without getting wet while doing so! Angled vacuum attachment hooks easily over any size suction cup on poles, ladders or other tools that are ½ inch wide or less to effortlessly sweep away fine dust particles into the attached back.

5- CKE Telescoping Pole Pool Vacuum Head

CKE Telescoping Pole Pool Vacuum Head


Package Dimensions56 x 2 x 1.5 inches
Item Weight2.25 pounds
  • CKE Telescoping Pole is a long telescopic pole for swimmers. 
  • The more you extend the pole, the taller it gets which gives you extra height and more confidence when doing your laps.
  • This durable product can withhold many years of swimming, so it’s perfect for professionals and amateurs alike!
  • What could be more elegant than a tall, suave pole that’s great for helping your guests get in and out of the pool?
  • Now you can keep pools cleaner and make it easier to pull with this telescoping pole! Available in multiple lengths.
  • Have a sparkling, spotless pool with the CKE Telescoping Pole.
  • Drop this easy to grip and lightweight pole in your swimming pool for a thorough scrub down.
  • It’s made of high quality ribbed aluminum alloy that resists corrosion and rusting so you can clean it without ever having to worry about parts coming undone! While the convenient rubber coat will allows you handle it easily. 
  • So ditch those other pesky poles and grab this one today!


Jill Mack: When it comes to poles, you get what you pay for. And in my experience that’s usually not good news because most of the time they are flimsy and break easily when cleaning your pool or even worse – suction cups don’t stick at all. But luckily this was different; I happened across an AMAZING brand name while scrolling through Facebook one day called _____(product). The reviews seemed promising so decided why not give them.

Telescoping Pole Pool Vacuum

6- Upgraded Pole Telescopic Vacuum Head

Upgraded Pole Telescopic Vacuum Head


Package Dimensions71 x 1.13 x 1.13 inches
Item Weight2.29 pounds
ManufacturerVikii Store
  • No good, your backyard is too small to have a pool pole that can go up to 16 feet?
  • We hear you and we’re here to save the day with this 3-section design. You’ll never again worry about running out of ground space for finally perfect cool summer dip.
  • Make your pool cleaning a breeze with this upgraded professional 16 foot swimming pool pole telescopic. With an 1-1/4″ connector, you’ll be able to exchange the head for any of your tools quickly and easily.
  • Are you sick of having to lug around a heavy pool skimmer with the difficult-to-hold, cumbersome pole? 
  • Luckily for you, our upgraded professional 16 foot swimming pool pole telescopic will do all the hard work in just seconds! No longer do you have to handle slippy poles or use buckets. 
  • It comes with 3 sections which are easy to expand and lock in place.
  • And if that wasn’t enough, it also has two anti-loosening knobs so every time you extend the length of your telescoping pole, it won’t come crashing down on your feet. 
  • This is what they call quality engineering at its finest folks. Our color coded grasping handles give ergonomic comfort when cleaning out leaves.


Shellie D: I was excited to find this pole because it is the perfect length for my small pond. The circumference of each section gets smaller in order to make up the 12 feet, but you can’t take off any pieces without damaging them or making your task more difficult than necessary!

I examined every inch before I bought one- even though they say an 8 ft pole should work too (although why would anyone want such a short stick?). Once installed everything held tight and at exactly where I set it when tightening down with no lengthening happening after installation like other shorter poles has done recently.

7- Aquatix Pro Telescopic Pole Vacuum Heads


Package Dimensions49 x 1 x 1 inches
Item Weight1.25 pounds
ManufacturerAquatix Pro
  • Swimming Pool Pole Considered Best on the Market. Bigger, Better, Stronger – With 4-5ft of Adjustable Length for Work at any Level. 
  • Premium build ensures stability and longevity with 1.1mm Ribbed Poles with Sturdy Grips & Lock Mechanism that are designed to be compatible with most Swimming pool skimmers, vacuum heads or brushes without compromising on size! FINALLY.
  • A Professional Grade Aluminium Swimmers Pole that won’t weigh you down in terms of strength or constructions. 
  • This can handle anything your zealous swimming pet has planned – jumping out of the water most likely included.
  • Say goodbye to those bulky, nasty poles and say hello to the modern and simple way to clean your pool.
  • Thanks to this pole you can easily scrub away all of that dirt down below without any of the hard or physical labor.
  • All you have to do is fill it up with water before use so it doesn’t splash out when engaged with plants, dirt, sand, etc.
  • Designers are still debating whether it creates waves but luckily for us its got three different extension points which will help us sweep through our entire pool.
  • With a 12 foot uptread reach at 32 inches long full erect, there’s no need for anyone on their hands dirty behind closed doors again if they’re worried about safety measures because this product was designed after safety standards requirements.


Momwith2boys: The quality of this pole is surprisingly great! I had ordered one through a local pool store, but it didn’t even compare to how awesome these are. It easily fits on most of our accessories and reaches such long distances without feeling too heavy or bulky at all-I would definitely buy more for my own use.

8- YEECHUN Telescopic Pool Pole Vacuum Head

YEECHUN Telescopic Pool Pole Vacuum Head


Package Dimensions68 x 1 x 1 inches
Item Weight2.59 pounds
  • They say that cleanliness is next to godliness.
  • Take swimming pools for example, can you even think of it as a place to have fun if the pool isn’t sanitized?
  • This problem has been solved by days gone by with the invention of the YEECHUN’S professional grade aluminum telescopic pole.
  • Used to clean filth out from deep within fragile swim spaces, this telescoping device will give you an active hand in securing optimum levels of hygiene. 
  • Safeguard your home’s nice facilities.
  • Tired of unnecessary back pain from lugging bulky pool poles around?
  • This telescoping pole is lightweight, easy to use and store.
  • The universal size fits most common pool cleaning accessories.
  •  All you have to do is attach your vacuum head or other accessory to the 1-1/4 inch diameter connection end with a simple twist.
  •  Plus this 15 foot aluminum pole will help clean the chlorinated water off your tile side walls by pulling all debris down into the swimming hole’s drain systems.
  •  So stop slaving over hardwood pools work long days, just ORDER NOW.

9- Aqua Select Pool Vacuum Pole

Aqua Select Pool Vacuum Pole


Package Dimensions71 x 1.13 x 1.13 inches
Item Weight2.29 pounds
ManufacturerAqua select
  • Poolside, you can relate to the sort of day that is filled with anything but relaxation.
  • Cleaning your pool 20 minutes before guests arrive is like trying to close a door on an advancing stampede–and now you’re paying for it with aches and pains tomorrow. 
  • This is where the Aqua Select Telescoping Pool Vacuum Pole comes in hand–expanding telescopically from 6 feet all the way up 18 feet, this pole is perfect for reaching every inch of water surface without breaking out into a sweat (or worse).
  • Made from high-quality aluminum so it won’t break the first time you use it, this poll also has adjustable lengths so that vacuuming becomes a breeze no matter what size your.
  • Today’s pools offer more than just a place for you and your family to cool down in the summer. 
  • These days, it’s almost like an art installation–you need to carefully design how it looks from every angle before you bring any other furniture or flowers into view. While having fun is all well and good, there’s also one other duty that we all must take seriously: cleaning up after ourselves. 
  • No one likes feeling out of breath when they’re at poolside–and this is where Aqua Select Pool Vacuum Poles come in handy.
  • The telescoping pole stretches from 6 feet high right up 18 feet high so deep-down pockets can finally be picked up without breaking a sweat (or worse).


Brian M: I am Brian, the owner of Poolside Pools. I’ve been in this game for 37 years and it’s given me plenty to think about – like how not all poles are created equal.

The sleeves that hold sections together on our pool cleaners were designed by us with input from experts who cater specifically towards one task: cleaning pools faster than anything else out there today (not even Speedo!).

We know what makes them so good because we tested every design detail ourselves before releasing them as original equipment parts at your local installer or automotive store near you.

10- POOL BLASTER Pool Vacuum Above Ground Pool

POOL BLASTER Pool Vacuum Above Ground Pool


Product Dimensions8 x 8 x 18 inches
ManufacturerWater Tech Corp
  • This new cordless pool vacuum will keep your pool sparkling clean.
  • It’s so easy to use, just plug in the Powerlink adapter and you’re up-and-running. 
  • With a larger debris capacity than other Catfish models it can even tackle dirt sand and leaves.
  • We all know that traditional pool equipment is hard work. 
  • You drag out the heavy pump, drag around an extension cord for hours trying to find the perfect spot where you can plug in your often faulty electric cord, and even then it drains you to get up another 3 times a day or so if it isn’t working right. 
  • It’s no wonder more people are turning towards fully portable vacuums designed for handling tough jobs – like our Pool Blaster Catfish Ultra Cordless Vacuum. 
  • With its rechargeable Lithium Ion battery pack there’s never any need for power cords or extension cords which means that once installed in your pool house, that chilly old chilly becomes just another convenient part of the living room. Spot-clean dirt instantly.

What to look for while buying Best Pool Pole

If you’re not careful, the pool pole can be an expensive mistake. 

You may think that a simple looking item like this doesn’t need much consideration but there are different types and brands out in today’s market which is saturated with many fake products anyway so take caution before buying one just because its cheap.

We have made some important points before going into detail about what factors should go into selecting your perfect match for cleaning equipment such as our guide below:


The material of a pool pole is one important factor to consider while shopping.

With the right material, you’re sure to use it for an extended period time and also know that your purchase will perform well regardless if its been long or short since buying them from us currently some brands are made out aluminum which has proven itself as being lightweight

but still strong so far our tests have shown this type provides more strength than plastic ones overall seems like winner by all means.


Before you buy a pool pole, consider its cleaning modes. You might find yourself in need of both surface and bottom care so look out for those with dual capabilities.

When cleansing your swimming area from unwanted materials like leaves or debris it can be hard to clean just one side if there are depths on each end that require attention too; which is why having an all purpose model will come handy depending upon what task needs doing at any given time.


One of the determinants in determining how far you should go with your pool pole is what type and size it is.

First, do I have an above ground or in-ground? Second, my length dictates whether i need an extendable model which can be extended when cleaning deep nears so its easier for me to get there – but also retractable if just close up work needed.

This makes storage easy too since they collapse down small enough where most people don’t even notice.


What are pool poles made of?

If you have a pool, then it’s likely that the one thing on your mind is how to hang up all those things in order for them stay afloat. The right tool can make this easier and more convenient than ever before.

 A good pole will keep everything where they need too be while protecting against corrosion from water exposure; aluminum has always been our go-to material because not only does it provide strength but also lightness at an affordable price point (you’ll save money by buying two).

 To add some flair we recommend using colorful paint jobs like red or purple instead if black which give off heat absorbtion qualities when absorbing sunlight during summer months.

How long is a pool pole?

The telescoping pool poles are made to reach the farthest part of your swimming area with ease. With an inner and outer pole combined, you’ll be able to extend it from 8 feet all the way up 16 ft in no time! The high-quality material makes this unit last long while still providing stability for any size backyard pools; not too mention how smooth they look when installed.

How do pool skimmers work?

The skimmer is a pivoting flap that collects water and floating debris when the pool pump isn’t running. The weir at the center of this funnel prevents any re-entries into your swimming area after turning off, so you can enjoy clean waters all day long.