Best Pool Vacuum Head For Crystal Clear 2022

The best pool vacuum head for your pool can be a tough decision. You have to consider many things ease of use, durability, and power are just a few. But one thing you should never forget about is safety.

If your vacuum head isn’t safe, then what’s the point? Luckily for you, I’ve done all the research so that you don’t have to. My goal is to help make finding the perfect pool vacuum head easy. So let’s get started.

Pools are a great way to beat the summer heat and enjoy some down time,

 but they can quickly become dirty. If you don’t clean your pool on occasion then it is likely that algae will grow in no time at all.

This makes people think twice before cleaning their own pools which leads them away from doing so altogether;

 however, this might not always be true as we found with our list of top-rated swimming pool vacuum heads below.



BEST OVERALL pool vacuum head


GREAT VALUE pool vacuum head


Premium choice pool vacuum head

Top Best Pool vacuum Heads List

Image Product Brand Price
Milliard Deluxe Pool Vacuum Head Deluxe Triangle Shape Milliard Check Price
U.S. Pool Supply Pool Vacuum Head Transparent Head U.S. Pool Supply Check Price
FibroPool Flexible Head Flexible Head FibroPool Check Price
milliard Flexible Spa and Pool Vacuum Head, Flexible Spa Milliard Check Price
POOLWHALE Jumbo Rectangle Pool Vacuum Head Jumbo Rectangle POOLWHALE Check Price
Vacuum Head Triangular See-Thru Head Milliard Check Price
Sepetrel Vacuum Head with Side Brush Head with Side Brush Sepetrel Check Price
U.S. Pool Supply Cleans Floor Debris Butterfly  Head U.S. Pool Supply Check Price
Swimline Flex Vacuum Head Flex Vacuum Head Swimline Check Price

With such hard work required by those who wish for these things done right.

Having an easier job improves morale big-time while making sure everything gets taken care of properly.

plus everyone loves coming home after swims knowing nothing.

The swimming pool vacuum head you purchase should be tailored to your needs and preferences. 

You will need a little research before making that buy, but we’re here with all of the information needed.

The first aspect worth considering when shopping for these things is material; 

some prefer stainless steel over plastic or iron because they believe it won’t wear down as quickly in chlorine water environments 

(although there haven’t been any studies done on this). 

Others favor nylon bristles that clean better than others do – like those made from DuPont™ kevlar® fiberglass—and offer an anti-slip grip so hands stay dry during use.  

If neither design seems appealing enough just yet then take comfort.

1- Milliard Triangle Best Inground Pool Vacuum Head

Milliard Deluxe Pool Vacuum Head/Weighted Triangle Shape/for Inground and Above Ground Swmming Poools (Blue, Grey, White)
Dimensions12 x 12 x 4
Weight2.25 pounds
  • Makes pool maintenance easy.
  • This weighted vacuum head sinks right to the bottom of your pool and stays there. The triangular shape makes it easy to maneuver along with corners and walls for a complete clean. your pool?
  • Now Milliard has you covered with their new Milliard Deluxe. Building on the success of their standard model,
  • This new and improved design features specialty angled brushes that make short work of even the hardest corners.
  • What’s more, innovative corner bristle sets allow for thorough cleaning without suction. 
  • So what are you waiting for, go ahead and get back to enjoying your summer fun while our machines handle all this pesky maintenance work.
  • Never have to worry about those pesky algae sticking back, or worrying about it spilling out of the vacuum head- 
  • This device will complete the job right.
  • Grab your trusty Milliard Deluxe Pool Vacuum Head and get those pools squeaky clean like they were built yesterday.


  • Unique angled bristle sets 
  • Maneuver along corners and walls
  • Triangle Shape


  • Good For In-Ground

2- U.S. Pool Supply Transparent Best Pool Cleaner Head

U.S. Pool Supply Weighted Transparent Triangular Pool Vacuum Head with Swivel Hose Connection and EZ Clip Handle - Connect 1-14 or 1-12 Hose - Removes Debris, Clean Corners - Safe for Vinyl Pools
  • This vacuum head is perfect for use with a pool hose.
  • Made of durable nylon, 
  • It can withstand nearly any environmental condition.
  • It’s lightweight and comes in 3 colors: green, yellow, and blue. 
  • Finally, a pool vacuum head for all you ground disturbance enthusiasts out there- trust us when we say that the ‘good life’ starts with the stuff that’s on top.
  • Available in both U.S and metric system measures whichever amount of decimal points floats your boat best.
  • The triangular weighted form-factor of our vacuum head makes it easy to clean even the most difficult corners in your pool
  • Our full one-year warranty will have you looking forward to the future with confidence that everything is taken care of, 
  • so you can spend more time enjoying your pool now.


  • EZ clip handle
  • Swivel Hose Connection
  • Transparent Triangular


  • Not For Above Ground

3- FibroPool Flexible Vacuum Head

FibroPool Professional Flexible Swimming Pool Vacuum Head
Dimensions14 x 8 x 3
Handle MaterialMetal
  • Ever seen that gooey, gross mess in the corners and crevices of your fibro pool?
  • Well, FibroPool Vacuum Heads (Vekki Dublooners) with patented Flexi-Dip technology can make cleaning those hard-to-reach places a breeze.
  • Now when you vacuum the entire pool you know every inch is spotless.
  • If you want a few more reasons to get your next vacuum cleaner, this one’s easy: it gets the job done.
  • With 6 integrated weights, there are no worries about it being flimsy or cheaply made.
  • There are also 4 different height adjustments for customers of varying heights and flooring type needs.
  • In addition to that, there is a convenient hose port that can fit standard 1.5-inch hoses without any special fittings –
  • Making accessibility easier than dealing with pesky screwing in adapters. We know you want a reliable product when cleaning your pool, so we included a 2-year warranty against manufacturer defects on all replacement parts.
  • Don’t wait another minute to clean up while someone else does the work for you.


  • Thermoplastic body
  • Generous cleaning
  • Flexible


  • Submerged should not corrode from water

4- Milliard Flexible Spa Pool Vacuum Head

Milliard 14” Flexible Spa and Pool Vacuum Head, Great for Cleaning Debris from Pool Floors
Dimensions14 x 1.5 x 7.5
  • Ah, the Milliard Flexible Pool Vacuum Head. Ease your mind as you relax poolside by remembering that this is all mostly taken care of with a flick of your wrist.
  • Who has time to pause and think about vacuuming the pool? 
  • The Milliard Flexible Pool Vacuum Head is light weight with flexible tubing that stays in tight spots everywhere. 
  • Weights help it stick at the bottom, while free-rolling wheels make sure it’s easy for anyone to push across any surface – keeping tile surfaces, floors, and even furniture safe from scratches.


  • Adjustable to line up with your pole
  • Handle adapter included
  • Flexible Spa


  • Great for Cleaning Debris

5- POOLWHALE Rectangle Pool Vacuum Head

POOLWHALE Jumbo Rectangle Pool Vacuum Head with Side Nylon Bristles, Swivel Hose Connection, EZ Clip Handle,3 Ball Wheels - Connect 1-14, 1-12 Hose for Cleaning Surface Safe on Vinyl Lined Pools
Dimensions14.37 x 7.48 x 3.82
Weight2.09 pounds
  • Behold the POOLWHALE Pool Vacuum Head.
  • Adapted to work with any rotative hose end, you’ll never have to twist your pool vacuum nozzle again. 
  • The newest addition to our family of PoolWhale pool maintenance equipment.
  • Now everyone can have a vacuuming head that’s easy on their hands and gentle on vinyl-lined pools. Produced from a tough, yet flexible material, this vacuum head is perfect for in-ground or above-ground pools.
  • It accepts 1 1/4″ and 1 1/2″ vacuum hoses, so when you buy your new premium pole from us it will fit great.
  • The handle also attaches securely to any standard telescopic pole which we carry too, so worry not about adding to your collection here at
  • We know how hard water buildup is on the seams of a vinyl pool liner–and with our rubber bumpers at the sides, you’ll


  • Safe on Vinyl Lined Pools
  • Brush & EZ Clip Handle
  • Rotative Vacuum Head


  • Not for large pools

6- Milliard See-Thru Best Pool Vacuum Head For Algae

Milliard See-Thru Pool Vacuum Head/Triangular, Weighted Base/for Inground & Vinyl Pools
Dimensions13.39 x 3.94 x 12.99
Weight3.25 pounds
  • The Milliard See-Thru Pool Vacuum Head for algae, with its triangular plastic body, is see-thru for maneuverable and accurate vacuuming along walls and into corners for a more complete clean.
  • It fits 1½ inch standard vacuum hoses, so you can find out what you have missed before vacuuming around the pool or spa.
  • The handle has spring-loaded locking clips that allow you to attach extensions poles for that not-so-hidden ledge or nook.
  • With the vacuum port fitting 1½ inch standard vacuum hoses it’s time to say goodbye to those stubborn leaves on your liner every time it gets suctioned.
  • Get Milliard, and watch as your pool is transformed from uninviting to pristine. 
  • The dirtiest of floors will be clean in just a few minutes – as long as that dirt isn’t too deep down.
  • And if for some reason we can’t suck up all the grime right away, we’ll claw at it until we do.
  • You’ll never again feel like you’re neglecting your pool with Milliard on guard.


  • Gentle on pool floors
  • Spring-loaded locking clips
  • ABS plastic to be durable


  • Best for Inground & Vinyl Pools

7- Sepetrel Rotatable Best Rated Pool Vacuum Head

Sepetrel Pool Vacuum Head with Side Brush & Universal Rotatable Hose Adapter,Weighted Triangular Shape
Dimensions13.62 x 11.81 x 2.91
Weight2.26 pounds
  • A must-have pool cleaning device, this little water machine has it all.
  • With a rotating hose adapter and corner brushes to easily clean the tough spots of your pool without doing any damage.
  • It’s safe for vinyl liners so there’s no need to worry about how long you’ve had your liner installed.
  • An underwater vacuum is a lot like a Roomba for your pool.
  • When you combine two technologies, you stop taking steps backward in time and get to take giant leaps for mankind.
  • The Sepetrel Pool Vacuum Head is an easier way to remove the leaves that turn into algae faster than you can say “How did I become such a hideous person?”  
  • The Sepetrel Pool Vacuum Head should be your next purchase if you want an efficient reach to clean the bottom debris at the deepest depths of your pool.
  • The rollers provide a gentle yet powerful agitation that will loosen even the gunkiest broom full of dirt, sand, or leaves.
  • Bottom Brush and Roller are for more efficient pool cleaning – just attach to 1-1/4″or 1-1/2″ diameter hoses.
  • Easy-grip handle works with standard 1-1/4 inch poles,


  • Safe for Vinyl Liner Pool
  • Hose Adapter
  • Universal Rotatable


  • Comes Without pole

8- U.S. Pool Supply Butterfly Pool Vacuum Head

U.S. Pool Supply 11" Weighted Butterfly Pool Vacuum Head, 1-1/4" or 1-1/2" Swivel Hose Connection - Cleans Floor Debris - Safe for Vinyl Lined Pools
Dimensions11.25 x 6.25 x 4
Weight1.6 pounds
ManufacturerU.S. Pool Supply
  • You can’t get the last bit of debris and scum out of your pool without some serious suction power, 
  • And our 11″ Weighted Butterfly Pool Vacuum Head is exactly what the doctor ordered. With a swivel head connection that accepts 1-1/4″ or 1-1/2″ hose, 
  • We’ve got you covered for all your vacuuming needs. 
  • With the explosive growth of butterfly pool vacuums,
  • It has become increasingly difficult to find cleaners with all the features you need.
  • The U.S. Pool Supply 11″ Weighted Butterfly Pool Vacuum Head is perfect for outdoor pools by offering a weighted body
  • So it keeps contact with the bottom of your pool and an easy-clip handle that allows you to quickly attach poles without taking up time by lifting heavy weights over your head, making this ideal for commercial use.
Best Pool Vacuum Head U.S Pool Supply butterfly


  • Butterfly Design
  • Swivel Hose Connection
  • Cleans Floor Debris


  • Not Good for ABove Ground

9- Swimline Best Manual Pool Vacuum Head

Swimline Weighted Flex Vacuum Head, Blue
Model NameSwimline Flexible
  • Say goodbye to suction-less days on the pool deck.
  • Our weighted vacuum head helps you bring in leaves, dirt, and other debris while you’re vacuuming up water on your side of the pool.
  • It’s like an arm extender.
  • The flexible design lets you be precise with your hose maneuvers, even if lifeguards are on duty alerting swimmers to ‘get out of whatever inflatable attraction is around at the moment.        
  • Keep your pool the cleanest in the neighborhood. With the Swimline Weighted Flex Vacuum Head,
  • You will be able to clean both 1 ¼” and 1 ½” hose. It’s easy to maneuver thanks to the weighted head that reduces back-and-forth action and wobble. 
  • You can even use it with a wall-mounted vacuum system. Buy this for someone who doesn’t want their pool filmy and grimy again this summer perfect for any season year-round.


  • Fits both 1-¼” & 1-½” vac hose
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Weighted Flex Vacuum Head


  • The wheels are bit small

Buyer Reviews


I have to say, this was my first time using a pool vacuum and I didn’t know what to expect. 

When it came down to installing the spring on our new roller style vacuums-which is totally different than any brush head type of device-

I found that once you get used to these differences everything goes fast. There really isn’t much else in terms of instruction because they’re pretty self-explanatory; 

But if someone wants help putting one together or has some questions about where certain things go feel free to contact us anytime at (insert company name).

Have you ever tried to put things together and thought, “I can’t do this with my hands?” I found a way where anyone could follow. It’s versatile and easy. 

Have all your fingers or just one? No problem–this assembly is made for those who need some help getting started;

 we’ll find out what tools they might want once we get closer to finishing up our work here…

 but first, let me show how easily yours goes from pieces on the ground into something beautiful in an instant using nothing more than hand motions alone.

AtoZ Addict

I’ve been trying to figure out the cause of my pool’s dirty bottom for weeks, but this replacement solved all of our problems in one go. We have a clean swimming hole again.

Light weight and easy to carry, this sturdy floor fan are perfect for when you have a hot summer day with no air conditioning. It also has an extra-wide blade which allows it to stand up straight on its own without leaning or rolling away from where I set it down.

Border Collie Mama

I just bought this today and I wish I had found it before.

It was so easy to use. Just put the dirt particles in, turn on the setting for vacuuming up all of your filth from filters or poolside debris like leaves and twigs.

 You can also set recirculate if you want an even cleaner water circulation pattern around the entire bottom half of your pool

I’ve been looking everywhere trying to find a good way to keep my filter clean but couldn’t really come across anything except those 3-6 foot extension cords which are pretty inconvenient when there isn’t much room left by our patio furniture.

This machine is the best, easy to use, and work with. 

It has a light weight that makes it perfect for carrying around or using on your flooring.

 The power of suction will have you covered no matter what messes are awaiting inside-I looked at every vacuum on Amazon but this one was BY FAR superior to anything else available which made me buy mine immediately after testing them all out

Britnye Girton

Our pump had gone out and the landlord was not replacing it for a few days. 

We were hoping this would help us transform our pool from swamp to crystal blue but between waiting, sweating in Louisiana heat- all while wondering why we can’t use water balloons or slides anymore.

I ordered these hoping they would make swimming easier on my husband who is surely about ready to blow up at me if I don’t find anything else soon because changing pools isn’t easy without proper equipment like diving boards (what good are them anyway?)

After triple shocking the pool, a thick layer of dead algae had formed on the bottom. I immediately turned on my new vacuum and used it to suck up all that gunk.

Rosalie review

I bought this pool vacuum about 1 month ago to replace my heavier, inground vacuum.

 It works well but I’m still trying out the different settings and pressures on it because of its weight – when you move around with a floating device like mine is in water (which can happen easily),

there’s not much suction happening which leads me back into problem #1: how do we keep our floors clean?

A few months ago I purchased a new pool vacuum to replace my old one.

 The new model was much lighter and easier on the arms, but it did not have as strong of suction for when you need more power like with heavy leaves or debris in your swimming area.

Robert Rael

This thing works great for getting last-minute leaves off the bottom of your pool.

 Before we used to use a skimmer or basket attached to a long pole and attempt to pick it up that way, but since we have an avocado tree close by; usually end up with tons on them as well. The automatic vac might get rid-but it’s random so could take a few days depending on how deep they are at the time.

 This 14 inches one-year-old plus left sitting out in sun holding. 

It’s true that the additional width has little benefit unless there is debris beneath it, but even then you might not be able to get all of it.


I was not convinced by the bad review and wanted to see if it actually worked. The photo of a dirty pool showed that this vacuum got very clean on one side while being dirtier on another with barely any line showing how far into your swim lane they could get before needing more cleaning power from you.

I’m glad I bought this because someone posted their thoughts in-depth about why he didn’t want ours anymore – but without photos proving anything against what we have for sale…you’ll never know until it’s too late 🙂

This pool vacuum is a lifesaver. It picks up leaves, grass, and dirt with the ease of an expert. However, what really impressed me was how well it worked on algae too.

I didn’t think this could be done without using harsh chemicals but boy did my eyes deceive me because after just one pass all those pesky green things were gone from around our edges of water bodies in no time at all…


This arrived as a quick fix to my pool issue this summer. It’s worth the money you pay if only because patience is key and going slow will allow for more success than trying quickly with an expensive product like this one.

James Prime

It’s been a rough season for the pool owner. After getting sick of brushing algae into their water, they decided it would be best if something could just kill all that pesky stuff and make their once-perfect backyard again.

This chemical brush works wonders when used on both types – so long as you have an above-ground one with sand filters because these kinds usually don’t work too well in vinyl liners without extra help from either skimmers or pumps. It was surprisingly effective cleaning up after myself even though most brushes can barely scrape off some green slime at best.

Buying Guide


Pool vacuum heads come in a variety of sizes, but if you’re looking for the best efficiency it’s important to consider what size will allow enough space without being too large. The right fit can make cleaning your pool more comfortable and efficient.


Wheels are a great feature on the best pool vacuum heads as it makes it easier to move around the water. While it makes it easier to move,

 it doesn’t always mean a better clean due to the shape that is required to add wheels on it. Rectangle designs where wheels can usually be found can make it harder to reach into difficult sports.

 Heads without wheels will only be slightly more difficult to move as you still have the buoyancy of the water to lift them up.


The reason that wheels don’t often appear on pool vacuum designs is that the most effective shape for this type of tool head is a triangle.

 Triangles have more pointed ends which can reach into corners and get to places where a circular or butterfly design may struggle,

 but they’re not as efficient at cleaning wide areas like rectangles with wheels would be if their movement were less restricted by tight curves in these spirals around swimmer’s ankles while still being able to clean an entire length from end-to-end without too much trouble due to only having 1 pointy edge instead 2 sharp ones near each corner.


the scene is a never-ending battle of new products and designs. 

One such product can be found in handles, which are made from plastic or stainless steel depending upon their preferences for strength; 

but one thing every handle has in common? Cracks will happen over time without proper care (and sometimes even when they’re cared for).

 For this reason alone we recommend getting replacement parts as soon as possible if yours breaks under normal use rather than trying remedies like duct tape solutions.


 How Often Should I Vacuum My Pool?

Pool maintenance is essential for a safe and enjoyable swimming experience. Skim your pool once every week, 

vacuum it when needed to remove debris from the bottom of skimmer baskets (it may also be helpful if you sweep or vacuum around edges), 

check chlorine levels monthly so that they stay at an optimum level without overdoing it on chemicals, 

add more bleach solution during hot weather months if necessary because these will help keep algae growth down while maintaining pH balance within 7-8 which keeps water clear.

How Does A Pool Vacuum Head Work?

Installing your new aquarium can be a lot of work,

 but it’s worth every minute.

 The first step in installing an Aquarium is to attach the vacuum head and then connect one end with a water intake nozzle so that you have access to the filtration system later. 

From there on out all we need are some air bubbles as an indication our process has started – they should go away once everything gets filled up.

How Can I Use A Pool Vacuum Head?

The first step in cleaning up your Pool is to attach the included vacuum hose. Once attached, you should get suction through the device which will allow for easy pickup of any debris on or near it; from there it’s just like regular carpet vacuuming at home.

When picking out what type of tool works best with this particular model be sure not to use anything too large since that could clog up one side if used improperly (or even cause damage). It can take some time but doing so ensures thorough cleanliness when finished