Best Manual Pool Vacuum Cleaner 2022

Do you know what the best manual pool vacuum is? The answer to that question depends on a few factors. Do you have a large or small pool? How much time do you have available for cleaning your pool? What type of filter system does your pool use?

These are all important points when considering which type of cleaner will work best for your needs. We will go over some key points and help you decide which type of cleaner will be right for your situation.

You may need to change out the filters on the vacuum more often, but this can save money in the long run because it also comes with accessories like different heads and brushes that can clean other surfaces such as decks, siding, furniture, etc.



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Top Manual Pool Vacuums List

Image Product Brand Price
POOL BLASTER Catfish Ultra Cordless Pool Vacuum Lightweight & Efficient Hoseless Cleaning of Inground & Above Ground Pool Handheld Rechargeable POOL BLASTER Check Price
POOL BLASTER Catfish Pool Cleaner Spa Cleaning POOL BLASTER Check Price
Swimline Flex Vacuum Head Flex Vacuum Swimline Check Price
Sepetrel Vacuum Head with Side Brush Universal Rotatable Sepetrel Check Price
Kokido Manual Vacuum Manual Vacuum Kokido Check Price
GAME Manual Handheld Spa Manual Handheld Spa GAME Check Price
Poolwhale Portable Pool Vacuum Portable Pool Vacuum
Check Price
Poolmaster Heavy Duty Pool Vacuum Hose Pool Vacuum Hose Poolmaster Check Price

Pool cleaners can be manual or electric, the difference being that one is operated by an owner/operator and other types require at least two people to operate.

A typical pool cleaner consists of a scrubber head with brushes that attach onto opposite ends (front-back) like scissors; suction tube for sucking up dirt & debris from bottom level surfaces within your swimming area as well as walls around it.

Water injection syringe that works similarly how air compression does when biking – increasing pressure inside body cavity making pockets easier accessible via increased airflow passage size etc… The entire unit will also incorporate a filtration system alongside the pump responsible for forcing contaminated.

Battery Operated

Patented technology using a combination of rotating and sucking makes this device the perfect solution for removing all sorts of dirt from your home.

The Xtreme Debris Collector sucks up any type or size debris with its powerful magnets, battery-operated brushless motor that’s easy to use with just one button on remote control.

Garden Hose Supported

The hose-supported manual pool cleaners create a jet system by running the water through the small holes from multiple sides. Then it uses this momentum and creates suction power pushing debris up to make your swim clearer.

1- POOL BLASTER Handheld Rechargeable Pool Vacuum 

ColorWhite, Blue
Item Dimensions8 x 8 x 18
  • This Leaf Bagger is a must have for winter clean up.
  • Capture more dirt with the Catfish Ultra from Swimline.
  • Featuring a larger leaf trapping structure, it can handle more leaves per trip than traditional baggers.
  • The Catfish Ultra comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery that means no cords or wires are needed which means that it’s great for in ground pools,
  • Above ground pools and even Intex-style inflatable pools.
  • This Leaf Bagger makes your life easier cleaning up leaves.
  • Tongue in cheek, this swim line product is designed to spot-clean or deep clean anything from small areas to the entire pool.
  • And saving time with pool leaf challenges 100% guaranteed includes a removable vacuum head for general cleaning or simple remove to expose nose cone head for hard to get spaces.


  • lithium-ion battery
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to assemble


  • Prevent overcharging

2- POOL BLASTER Battery Powered Pool Cleaner

POOL BLASTER Water Tech Catfish Rechargeable, Battery-Powered, Swimming Pool Cleaner, Ideal for Hot Tub and Spa Cleaning, In-Ground and Above Ground Pool Steps Cleans Dirt, Sand & Silt and Leaves
Model NameCatfish
  • POOL BLASTER™ is the perfect solution for quick, easy cleanups.
  • Our unique design avoids you having to deal with hoses or cords while still capturing a variety of fine debris found in pools.
  • Never let your pool get out of control again.
  • The POOL BLASTER Catfish is an affordable robot-like device that cleans any size, shape, or brand of the pool. 
  • No more having to take time off from work for hand-cleaning or dealing with dangerous chemicals. 
  • Its lightweight design cries havoc on algae and another organic buildup in the tile line while its purification process helps keep the water crystal clear all season long.
  • Now you can kick back, relax and enjoy a clean swimming experience year-round without ever feeling unsafe around poisonous substances.
  • Pool Cleaner on the market today, this robot-style machine effortlessly charges itself up while it vacuums, so there’s no need to spend hours trying to vacuum your pools


  • Cleans Stairs, Corners & Edges
  • In-ground, Above Ground
  • Ideal for Hot Tub and Spa Cleaning


  • A standard size pole can be attached.

3- Swimline Weighted Flex Vacuum Head

Model NameSwimline Flexible
  • Keep up with the latest technology and stay on top of your game. 
  • With Flex Vacuum Head, you can now vacuum without sacrificing suction.  
  • The design is made with an ergonomic bend to make for easy vacuuming as well as weighting throughout the whole head to keep it in contact with the surface.
  • It is perfect for those hard-to-reach areas where dirt likes to hide and is best used for high traffic areas such as tile floors and stairs
  • This weighted vacuum head is a must-have for a clean pool. 
  • It fits both 1 ¼ inch and 1 ½ inch vac hose, holding it securely in place while you clean the pool. Durable and long-lasting,
  • This vacuum head ensures your finish will last as long as possible. Order today.
Pentair Best Manual Pool Vacuum


  • Durable and long lasting
  • Pool Liners & Covers
  • Weighted Flex


  • May change brushes after year.

4. Sepetrel Universal Rotatable Pool Vacuum Head

Sepetrel Pool Vacuum Head with Side Brush & Universal Rotatable Hose Adapter,Weighted Triangular Shape
Item Dimensions13.62 x 11.81 x 2.91
Item Weight2.26 pounds
  • Finally, a pool vacuum that you don’t have to crawl on your hands and knees to reach.
  • Using an innovative rotatable hose with corner brushes, the Sepetrel Pool Vacuum Head is designed for you to clean your entire swimming pool in up-less than half of the time.
  • You’ll never again struggle against coiling hoses or reaching over obstacles with this uniquely versatile machine system. 
  • Simply attach the permanent rubber suctioning base (and intuitive light) to any traditional in-wall suction pole; then adjust it accordingly. 
  • The dry dust brush makes quick work of dirtiest spots while powerful eddy currents gleam like new when they’re all washed away.
  • Maintaining your pools’ sparkling appearance has never been easier


  • Triangular Shape
  • Universal Rotatable 
  • Head with Side Brush


  • Rollers are short

5- Kokido Manual Swimming Pool Vacuum

Kokido K738CBX Manual Swimming Pool Vacuum
Model NameManual Vacuum
Item Dimensions31 x 3.75 x 6
  • You have no time to waste collecting lost nuggets of sand, so get your Kokido K738CBX swimming pool vacuum today.
  • Keep your spas and pools sparkling clean without any filters or backwashing systems.
  • It’s quicker than using a net,
  • The perfect solution for people with filtration-less pools or spas.
  • The Kokido K738CBX manual swimming pool vacuum is perfect for use in houses with pools or hot tubs. 
  • It includes an attachable leaf skimmer and wall mounting bracket,
  • So there’s no need for hoses or electrical cords.


  • Attachable leaf skimmer
  • Practical solution for spas
  • Eliminates sand gravel


  • For small pools

6- GAME Manual Handheld Spa Vacuum

GAME 18615-BB Manual Handheld Spa Vac, New and Improved Version, Light Blue
Item Dimensions2.9 x 2.9 x 55.5
Item Weight3.04 pounds
  • GAME Pool Vacuum is a straightforward, no-hassle vacuum.
  • Just pop it out of the box and go. We’ve thought of everything – from the hose connector to a pressure release valve for really deep vacuuming jobs. 
  • You can get creative with where you store your pool vacuum too because it folds up compactly for easy storage in just about any corner.
  • The hours saved on cleanups will be invaluable when time is scarce during the day or after work.
  • Guaranteed best purchase next to that new coffee table you always wanted…
  • This is the one product you’ll need to keep your pool or hot tub sparkling.
  • The GAME Pool Vacuum does all of the work for you while requiring no more than 7 inches of water to operate. 
  • You can even mount it right on the wall out-of-the-way when not in use.
  • It comes with everything from a suction pump, scum sponge, and two bonus sponges – 
  • It’s literally everything you could want in a vacuum cleaner for your swimming pool – any size will do thanks to its long 51-inch hose which reaches hard-to? reach areas with ease. Best decision ever.


  • Absorb Surface Grime
  • Suck, Scrub, Skim in One
  • Cleans Dirt and Debris


  • Ideal for hot tub

7- POOLWHALE Portable Pool Vacuum Jet

POOLWHALE Portable Pool Vacuum Jet Underwater Cleaner WBrush,Bag,4 Section Pole of 48(No Garden Hose Included),for Above Ground Pool,Spas,Ponds & Fountains
SizePool Jet Vacuum
  • When you are not able to get to the bottom of your pool’s filter because of an hour’s worth of leaves, branches, and sticks- well right there is where PoolWhale comes in.
  • Instant access to vacuum time with this ready-to-go hand vac that produces 800 watts of power
  • So it can take care of any stubborn dirt at the bottom even if it’s below water level.
  • So go ahead and rest easy knowing you will not have to continually buy expensive pool cleaners again because now it’s just as simple as using your PoolWhale.
  • The POOLWHALE handy little underwater vacuum wouldn’t look out of place in the Jaws movie so don’t come within 12 inches if you know what’s good for ya. 
  • The POOLWHALE weighs over six pounds, has six pieces that are 56.5″ long, and cleans both above or below water with a special dual-head design to switch between scrubbing pools surfaces and vacuuming under ships jets.
  • Product description: 
  • Traditionally, pool cleaners are heavy contraptions that are difficult to lug around your backyard while trying to avoid missing spaces or stepping on vulnerable grass patches.
  • With the POOLWHALE cleaner, this is a thing of the past. Your struggle will turn into smiles as soon as you see how light


  • With Brush, Bag,6 Section Pole
  • Small and exquisite
  • Jet Underwater Cleaner


  • Ideal for Ponds & Fountains

8- Poolmaster Heavy Duty Best Manual Pool Vacuum

Poolmaster 33430 Heavy Duty In-Ground Pool Vacuum Hose With Swivel Cuff, 1-12-Inch by 30-Feet,Neutral
MaterialDurable Materials
  • You know that feeling when you realize your pool cleaner is breaking down on deadline.
  • It’s too late to order a new one, so what are you supposed to do?
  • Fear not. With Poolmaster 33430 Heavy Duty In-Ground Pool Vacuum, the answer is right at your fingertips.
  • When your normal vacuum just won’t cut it anymore, this comes in handy for all of those nooks and crannies that even the suction cleaners can’t reach (literally).
  • The revolutionary design allows users to take control of vacuuming as never before; now, 
  • Thanks to the Telescopic Extension Pole and Handheld w/ Swivel Handle. No worries about pesky Christmas Tree vines either – with 15 feet of extra cord reaching an astounding
  • This Poolmaster pool vacuum has all the features you are looking for to clean your pool effortlessly this summer.
  • The flexible cuff is crush-resistant and UV resistant, so it’ll work just as well picking up dirt from a small kiddie pool as it will scooping up leaves from your gigantic backyard pool.
  • It’s light enough that it won’t leave any marks on delicate surfaces AND strong enough to need two hands to break.
  • And if your eye candy isn’t jaw-dropping already, wait until you see the flow rate of this vacuum – spiral wound construction means stronger suction power.
  • You can buy with confidence knowing that this product is made with quality in mind because of the chemical resistance EVA material used for cuffs, plus its ability to


  • Durable Materials
  • Hose With Swivel Cuff
  • Heavy Duty In-Ground


  • Not for automatic

Buyer Reviews


This pool cleaner is a dream come true. I can’t believe how powerful the suction on this thing is. It’s perfect for getting dirt and leaves out of even tricky to reach places, plus you’ll never need another scrub brush again once you’re done with this bad boy because.

its got everything covered–from sides all way down deep into corners where most would end up frustrated or giving up before they’ve begun due to lackluster results from using an ordinary vacuum alone

I just received my new Blue Rhino (cleaning) system last week but I’ve already gotten quite some use out of it since then: vacuuming water surfaces both above grounds as well as underwater; reaching hard

It picked up tons of dirt and a few hair elastics as well. The opening is wide enough for leaves, standard pool debris like grass or bugs- everything I got from it was easy to clean off in the house vacuum.


This pump is a hand-held device that sucks debris off the bottom of your hot tub with each stroke.

 It’s designed to be simple, effective, and efficient; you can’t go wrong.

The tool has received mixed reviews because some customers say they were either given faulty units or their feedback was overlooked by company representatives but regardless there are people who like this product (so don’t ya know).

I would recommend this product for those who have large areas of water to cover.

 It was not ideal in my small pool since it left some stripes but worked okay otherwise

I am very pleased with these strips and will purchase them again.

 Plus you can’t beat their price either, so I’m happy as well that we found such an affordable solution.

Beth McBrayer

I was eager to try out my new pool vacuum head. It’s been a great addition and easy on the floor of our ground pool.

The roller wheels make it so that I can glide across any rough terrain without getting stuck or having trouble turning corners like with other vacuums we’ve tried in past years.

The suction is perfect (other reviewers blamed the vacuum head for their lack of suction but I think they need to check their pump lol).

 My husband did drill additional holes where metal weight blocks are, so that water can drain and rust would not be an issue.

 Other than this slight alteration – which really isn’t needed at all in my opinion-the product itself has been amazing.


This vacuum is perfect for cleaning small pools made of plastic or vinyl, which are also lightweight. It’s easy to use and clean – simply give it several passes with the brush attachment in order to make sure there isn’t any dirt left behind on your pool.

One of the only drawbacks to this filter is that you have to take it out and clean it often when cleaning your grill.

Scorp review

I have always been a fan of fast, easy solutions to common problems. 

The Pool Blaster Catfish is no exception. All you need are 1) water 2) batteries 3), and this little tool for your swim season endeavors that will leave everyone happy.

 In fact once I tried it out myself (with some help from my friend who owns one, there was never again an excuse as too why we couldn’t enjoy our pool together despite what Mother Nature had thrown at us during fall cleanup time. Or whether or not leaves got sucked up by vacuums like mine did before getting their own “PoolBlaster”


How to start a manual vacuum cleaner?

A typical manual vacuum cleaner can be started by pressing a single button and then immediately submerged in water. Little high-end models have increased safety, so they provide an automatic on/off feature for when the user is not near his or her machine to stop it from running continuously without any human interaction at all.

Can I use the same pool vacuum for my in-ground pool and above-ground pool?

With the changing weather, it’s important to make sure your pool is in tip-top shape. This includes making sure that you have the right vacuum for cleaning both dirty pools and clean ones alike.

You should always check when buying one since not all vacuums can work with every type of surface; bin liners are also necessary items specific only for outdoor use (and come at an extra cost).

What can be the reason that my pool vacuum is not having good suction?

Pool vacuums are designed to work underwater, but one good reason is the minimum water level required for it is not enough submersion. Make sure you have proper levels before using your pool vacuum.